Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Melody - Voracious Blog Reader

I am starting this series called "Sunday Melody". I usually listen to songs a lot. On Sundays, late in the evening around 11 p.m, when everything is quiet, I like listening to melodious songs. These songs are usually melancholic and Nostalgic in nature. Ilayaraja's Music suits the mood very good.

I decided to post this series after getting inspired by "Nostalgic Fridays" by Amutha of Hence I dedicate the first post to her.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bride Search

This is what I came to know from a Person, who is/whose family is searching for a Bride. They use a popular internet based match searching website. After talking to them, I thought that I should write about this. Afterall, this is not my first encounter with such type of people.

Here are their observations:

* Why don't they respond when they are contacted. They jot down the Profile details etc., and promise to get back. But they never do. If they are not interested, why don't they let us know? When contacted again, they give a curt reply saying "If we didn't call you back, it is understood that we do not have interest in the Profile".

* Why do they not post photos. Nobody is going to morph them and make a salacious picture out of it. Some photos are password protected. The general tendency is that the photos of these people are way less good than the photos of all the other people who have bravely posted their photos.

* Still worse. What is wrong in hiding the name. A lot of profiles have the name "Later", "Will be disclosed later". Can't fathom why.

* The majority of them do not want to search outside Madras/Bangalore/Hyderabad. Some profiles display that they are ready to relocate anywhere. When contacted, they say that they are not willing to relocate. When asked why then have they written something else, they do not give a satisfactory answer.

* All the profiles have a commone line: "Traditional yet modern". Well, whom are you trying to please?

* "Boy with clean habits required". The girl involved would be staying in some xyz city abroad and the majority of the boys/girls abroad are atleast social drinkers. In some cases, the Father of the Bride would have smoking/drinking habits. But he would be very adamant in having a guy who is a teetotaler. [On a personal note, I know a couple of people who live abroad and consume alcohol and are also non-veg eaters. Their matrimonial profile says nothing of these. On the contrary, the profile specifies that they are pure vegetarians and with clean habits. The downside of this is that all the grooms/bridgrooms are categorized as "cannot believe what they say"]

Some requests from the Bridegroom's family:

* If you are a brother or sister of the person involved, please hand over the phone to your parents. Do not deal with the parents of the Bride/Bridegroom yourselves. This way, the elders feel humiliated to talk to younger people, who also cross question them.

* If you have a couple of prospective Bridegrooms to choose from, let them know about it. Making them wait without giving them any reason is not polite.

* Keep your write-up on your profile short and sweet. Nobody has the inclination to read a full page during the initial search.

- - - - -

I hope, I haven't left out any points said by them.

Voracious Blog Reader

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Agathin azhagu - Voracious Blog Reader

Agathin azhagu, mugathil theriyum.

I firmly believe in it.

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

NDTV-Hindu: Voracious Blog Reader

*) I appreciate how they pronounce the Tamizh words, even though the news is in English.
Of course, some News Anchors deviate from this.

*) I find NDTV-Hindu to be impartial.

*) It's very much Tamizh Nadu.

NDTV live on Internet:

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Sunday, 19 April 2009

New year - Voracious Blog Reader

How many of you celebrated the New Year on April 14th?

Did you party on New year's eve?
Did you drink, dance etc.,?
Did you exchange New year wishes?