Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Photography ethics - Voracious Blog Reader

Courtesy: BBC News

The above pictured in the BBC website.

I felt very sad looking at the photo.

The Woman was collecting rice that was spilt on the ground. Its really heart breaking to see somebody lowered to such a state. :(

Whether this Woman is a terrorist, muslim, Iraqi etc., she is a Woman first. She is so caring that she picks up rice for her family.

To top all this, the Photographer thought that it was appropriate to photograph her. Dear Photographer, do the words "Photography ethics" tell you something? Shame on you.

And a soldier is happily posing for the photo withouteven a shade of shame or pity for the women.

Voracious Blog Reader

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

High Beam - Low Beam -- Voracious Blog Reader

To people who drive two/four wheelers:

Please know the following when it comes to driving with headlights ON:

  1. Parking light
  2. Low Beam
  3. High Beam

Parking light is usually sufficient if the road is well lit. This is just to indicate the other road users about the vehicle's presence.

The Low beam is used if the road is not well lit. Please make sure that the headlight case is at the right tilt angle.

The High beam is usually used when one travels on highways/long stretches which are usually empty and one travels at high speeds. Thus high beam illuminates a vast stretch of road ahead of us.

High beam does not mean that the beam is more intense than the Low Beam. So avoid using it under city/normal conditions.

High beam really blinds the oncoming person. This can lead to an accident.

When you get your two wheelers serviced, it is usually the case that the headlight case has a wrong tilt angle. Please correct it.

And it wouldn't be wrong if I add a couple of suggestions:

  1. Avoid sounding the horn impatiently.
  2. Do not overtake from the left hand side.
  3. Maintain a distance of atleast one metre between the vehicle ahead of you.

Voracious Blog Reader