Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Tall dark handsome...Tamil...

I am always teased by the telugus and other neighbouring state friends that we tamilians like dark and hunky heros in our movies.
(Telugus think that their 'Chiru' is one handsome smart guy).
They are shocked at Rajinikanth's, Vijaykanth's and all the other dark kanths' and non-kanths' success in Tamilnadu.
Typical kosten is 'epadee sree..u ppl like these guys...they are dark..flabby.....' etc.
This made me we really like dark, a little plumpy guys with an interior part of Tamilnadu accent ?
When I went to North India recently..I kept weighing the looks of average Northie guys against our Tamils.
After thinking a lot I felt the Northie guys looked a tad bit girlie with no mush and a light complexion.
All these coupled with their skinny structure will make them look like lost souls in Tamilnadu.
Bring the image of Rajini and our very own Gaptan....hmm..I prefer that to the 'ayyo paavam' look of the typical northie guys.
Our heros look protective and give us a sense of belonging.
Their language makes us feel at home.
So maybe we can't generalise preferences as it is very regional.
Considering the Hindi movie heroes...I can give 85% marks only to Akshay Kumar and Jackie shroff.
Beats me why the ' Men's fair&lovely ' or whatever it is, is wasting their money on advts here in TN.
Move away Zyeds and Amirs.....we want Vishal and Vijay anyday.

Friday, 12 January 2007

what do I call this ?

Yesterday we had our usual 9 yr old visitor 'J'.She is soooo fond our little dog that she gets all her clothes for the dog :)
J is such a sweet...well-mannered....cute little thing. Infact I think I have had more well meaning conversations with her than I had had with many of my peers...well..its mostly girlie talks and she wanted to know if what all she heard in school were true.
And I have also played the role of "Naatamai" for all her 'school bus' tiffs.
She was here the day before too and I remembered she telling me that there were lots of relatives at her place and she wanted to be here till late evening..
Our usually happy...bubbly...exhuberant J was very dull and looked like she had cried for a long time. I enquired about her relatives and wanted to know what the occasion was...for which she said " I have a brother and a sister " Believe it or not...these were her exact words.
I had a biiiiig question mark on my face...and J continued.. "yesterday after going from here I was taken to the hospital to see my brother and sister... " It was then that things dawned on me.
She has twin siblings. Then she continued..."but I was very unhappy..
I cried for hours . I never wanted siblings and my parents knew that "
I was speechless.
I could not believe that the child did not know all these months that she was going to be a sister. I asked.."but J must have known all these days...did'nt you see your mom's tummy?"and she said "My mom is always big".
I dont know what to make of this...her parents are educated...her father dotes on her. What were they doing all these months not preparing her for a new arrival into their home and very much into their lives. How is this child going to bond with her siblings...and what about the little ones.. Will they know that they have a sister who does'nt want them..
I dont know what to call these ppl's behavior..inconsiderate....down right cruel.
I really hope that she will start loving the kids and everything will work out for the family!!

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

"samarthiyam aa iru "

There is so much talk about street smartness these days...wonder if we are missing out on the meaning.

But I see a lot of ppl behaving very funnily.

Especillay where it comes to giving out information.

Agreed "information is power" ...but does that mean one shd not reveal where her dhupatta was bought.

Girls especially do not want to reveal where a particular dress or sandals or accessory was bought lest the other person becomes a "competitor " . This puts me off.

When there is so much stress on "team spirit" ,Can these petty people be good players?

A commom conversation among friends

"lovely dress paaa....where did u get it...?'

"hmm..haaan....from kalpastree......" everyone around knows its not from there.

Sometimes even I wonder..."ayyo...naan saamarthiyama irukanum.." and mentally prepare myself with mock conversations but as soon I see a bunch of friends, I let my hair down and say..."ayyao...samarthiyam goes to hell...naan enjoy pannidanum".

Dont know if this will help me in the long run..but for today I think I am happier than the "Samaarthiyam"s.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Naanum photo eduppen

Hello Friends.....Seeing all the photographic blogs here...I wanted to post a picture that I took well...clicked.

All the experts explain how the pictures were taken...light...focus...angle...etc.

Here is mine.......I looked down.....saw if the picture was in the frame...and clicked... Voila!!! This is what I got.

Now waiting for your expert comments.