Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Moral Policing

A few weeks back I was was faced with the unfortunate situation of attending the funeral of a girl (V) whom I have known for a very long time.

This was the second funeral I attended where the cause of death was AIDS.
Though , V was suffering for a prolonged period , her death was such a big blow to everyone.

Her father has been working with our family for almost a quater of a century and V used to visit our place frequently when she was young.
She was married eight years ago to a fruit seller , who concealed the fact that he had AIDS and within a year they had a child that passed away when six months old (paediatricians diagnosed it as digestive-disorder ! ) and obviously V was infected.
Two years after the child died it was the unscrupulous rascal's turn to go.

V was cared by all and she was getting medical help at all times. But , she developed severe TB and stopped responding to treatments and was suffering so much that one would feel it 's better she dies.(And that's what her mother was uttering repeatedly during the funeral ). I cannot describe the plight of her parents..and the sight of them during that time.

What did V do to deserve this?..
Life is unfair...and more so for the economically back-ward .

I usually reserve tragic and depressing topics for a select (unfortunate) few was shying away from posting this incident .
But what prompted me to write now is this news item.

I am not giving a link ,I have just put some excerpts from the article .

BHOPAL, MARCH 16: The Madhya Pradesh Government has decided to end the Adolescence Education Programme (AEP), two years after it was introduced to classes IX and XI, saying “sex education has no place in Indian culture”.

The source said some officials tried to convince the CM about the merits of the programme and why the National AIDS Control Society and Unicef had introduced it in the first place, but Chouhan “avoided any discussion on the issue”.
Batra had advised the CM against sex education in schools, and was in turn told that yoga should be included in curriculum in place of sex education.

Nineteen districts were covered in the first phase of the AEP programme, and 11 more were added in the current year.
“We were planning to cover the remaining 18 districts in the next academic year,” said an official associated with AEP, describing how the directorate was ready with proposal to start Red Ribbon Clubs in schools to create awareness about AIDS.

“The scrapping is not a wise step. In fact, it’s one step backwards,” said Mukesh Sinha, director of MP Voluntary Health Association, and NGO that works in the field of health education.


Where is this country going ? Who are the people who decide our fate ?

And the main reason for banning sex education in MP is

"They felt teachers of co-educational schools would have felt embarrassed while teaching the subject "
(NO!! I did not take this from ! )

I ask all these politicians....
"How could you allow 'Anatomy' classes in Medical Schools to continue ?
Dont you have any feelings for the poor teachers there ? "

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Ugadi Pachadi

Hello did Ugadi go?
Ugadi was to be celebrated on Monday...but since there was an eclipse on that day and it's considered inauspicious...(and since eclipes cannot be
postponed ;-) )...Ugadi was officially postponed to Tuesday !

And for those of us who did not celebrate many of you'll got Ugadi pachadi ? :P
Well..we got Pachadi from two Telugu families...
Let me give u the contents of that ( of what I could make out )

Pachadi 1. Had Banana puree, Neem flowers (main ingredient ! ) , tamarind extract , raw mango pieces , Jaggery , fried gram dal & coconut scrappings .

Pachadi 2. Had all the above stuff ,plus cashews , green grapes , raisins and
tuitty-fruitty pieces ( the colored candied orange rind that we find in fruit bread ) .

Between the two I liked the first one which is the basic recipe and it had a
mild bitter-sweet taste . It's a mixture of six differnt tastes which is supposed to symbolise the six emotions .
Did any of you get other versions of Ugadi Pachadi ?

Monday, 19 March 2007

Just a Joke :)

Hello Everyone :)
I should'nt be putting this joke here , in my right mind :)
But , So's just a joke :)
(Ladies !...take it easy paa...! joke dhaaney ;-) )

" A store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband.

Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE!

There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper ascends the flights.

There is, however, a catch. ... You may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building!

So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. .

On the first floor the sign on the door reads:
Floor 1 - These men have jobs and love the Lord.
The second floor sign reads:
Floor 2 - These men have jobs, love the love the Lord, and love kids.
The third floor sign reads:
Floor 3 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, and are extremely good looking.

" Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.
She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads:
Floor 4 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are drop- dead good looking and help with the housework.
"Oh, mercy me!" she exclaims, "I can hardly stand it!"

Still, she goes to the fifth floor and sign reads:
Floor 5 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are drop- dead gorgeous, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak.
She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor

and the sign reads:
Floor 6 - You are visitor 4,363,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please.

Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store. Watch your step as you exit the building, and have a nice day! "

Send this to all men for a good laugh and to all the women who can handle the truth !

********* //...No chance !!! Not an ounce of truth in it :P
...It's all a funny joke :) Lol :P

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Happy Ugaadhi !! :)

Happy New Year To All !!!

For Those of us whose New Year does not fall tommorrow...
Let's Wish We get Ugaadi Pachadi from our Telugu and Kannada
Friends !! :)

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Tatkal Scheme in Railway Reservations

All the details I had written about Tatkal in the comment section of my previous post was given by my dad..
Since the topic of discussion turned to Tatkal , thought I would get more info straight from the horse's mouth.

So, was waiting to catch hold of a TTE ( got the right abbreviation from him...stands for Travelling Ticket Examiner ) ..on the phone to get more details about Tatkal.

Basically it works on the principle of getting your work done at the last moment by shelling down extra bucks.

As I said earlier , it was introduced to help ppl get reservations at short notice..esp to help passengers travel in emergency situations.

There are a few things to be noted.
I think there is a general misconception that Tatkal tickets are premium ones...where one gets a preference over the regular reservation.
But the fact is that Tatkal tickets are reserved to be released only 6 days before the date of departure ( it used to be 24 hrs) .
Incase the general reservations are still available on these 6 days , then Tatkal is not released and one can get the regular ones at regular fares. There is no chance of fraud ( like holding reg. ones and releasing Tatkal as the system is computerised and a special receipt is issued for T.Tickets ) .

There are times when even the regular tickets are not sold out and the remaining seats are alloted by the TTE in the train.

Now coming to the main point it serving the purpose?
well..very marginally as there are a few catches to the scheme...
1.Tatkal tickets can be taken only from point of departure to one cannot make reservations upto any stations in the middle.
2. Tatkal tickets cannot be cancelled..since its 6 days now, u get only 50% if cancelled before 24hrs of departure.
3. Lot of people dont even know that such a scheme exists.

As it is clear , the purpose of facilitating passengers travelling in emergency situations get reservation ,is not served now, b'cos the time has been extended to 6 days...and so even ppl who can wait for a few days but has more money power avail the scheme.

Releasing the quota before 24 hrs made much more sense.
But it is said that this 6 days system was introduced to deal with the peak summer season .

Lets hope Lallu introduces better schemes and travelling is made smoother and safer in future !!!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

How much is OK ?

While on the topic of Guru,I was wondering if flouting with the law can be avoided in our system.
Giving it a good thought, I sincerely feel that at some point of time , we are forced to be corrupt albeit in a small way.
People argue that we have corruption in the grass-root level..what can we expect from a nation where there is economic disparity of such huge proportions ? We have corruption at all it grass-root , sub-grass-root and the Guru level corruption.

What would people know of businessmen investing huge sums (borrowed and partner's) and then losing it out in interests....We talk of industrial development....GNP growth etc. etc. , what about that guy who has his life at stake, and is forced to face corruption at every level.
He has to weigh his honesty , commitment and the interests (as compared with the bribe amount ) , then decide as to what has to be done.
I know businessmen who are so honest with the quality of product they deliver
and take pride in doing so but never even bat their eyelids while doling out bribes or contacting politicians to help them out in difficult situations.
They are the very same people who take into consideration the needs of the labourers .

Are'nt we all aware of the fact that with a help of a politician , one can give so
much trouble to a businessman that he would close shop and run for his life ?
What happens during elections ?
Where does all the money come from?
What will the poor guy do..but to shell down amounts to every party than risk closing down his factory and sitting at home wondering what other saleable skill-sets he has to support his family and their life-style.

As for me , I may not want to spoil another's chance directly but if I need a berth in a train , would willingly shell down a couple of hunderd rupees (if demanded ) and take the berth. I am sure , even if there is no one to take the berth , the guy is not going to allot it to me unless I pay. Ofcourse I can shout , call the squad and threaten him....but it all depends on how much time I am willing to spend fighting and then what kind of scene I would have created and what other risks I would be facing.
So most of the times it would be 'GTH' (Go To Hell!) !

The guardians of honesty should also think about the temples in our it a good practice to take a letter from a person in power and go for a 'Special Break Darshan' ? These days I feel sick to visit these corrupt temples because at a personal level I feel its unfair to the other people in the queue. The very look of the priests there makes me so angry that the purpose of visiting a temple fails.

So being corrupt or not is not a measure of a person's value as an individual. Just b'cos he flouts the law out of necessity or b'cos the situation demands , does not make him a dishonest , cunning person.

Mind you, I am not saying there are no bad people out there , I am merely saying that this is not an yard-stick to conclude if a person is good or not !

This guy GURU has my stamp of approval for all that he did in the movie !
Infact I was quite nervous when the judgement was pronounced , would have been very disappointed if he was sent to jail !

I would say 'Guru ! Its good going!' .

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Mani Ratnam...The Vanilla Gold of Movies :)

I watched Guru yesterday (dont ask me in which theatre :P ) and was quite impressed.
Inspite of PK's post reassuring its nothing like 'Iruvar' , I was quite apprehensive. But the movie could hold our attention throughout although it was a long one..!

// Here too, Mani delivers a decent film which does not insult the intelligence of the movie goer.//
PK has aptly said this....there are few movies that do not irritate you..I feel 98% of the regional movies are out to irritate and make a fool of you. But you need to give Mani credit for the respect he has for his audience.

There are a few things in the movie that bothers you , though..
every frame and every little move of Abhishek reminds us of 'Nayakan'....Mani shd have known its too early to repeat the same style . Coming to Madhavan...he pales in Abhishek's presence..makes you wonder if it is intentional . He looked insignificant and the courage displayed in his dialogues do not reflect in his face.

Parinita girl...what's her name..not such a waste of screen-time and an absolute add-on for the sake of distributors.
There was a time when ppl like us enjoyed even the item songs in Mani's movies..unlike the usual Tamil and Telugu items...but this one did'nt give importance to choreography or dress-sense(!)....maybe it was meant to be so ! He could have done better esp since the setting was Turkey !
About Aishwarya..the less said the better!
Could'nt recognise Mithun until I read PK's post again ! (I felt he was looking familiar ).

Unlike 'Uyira Uyire' , the editing was very good and the sequence took the audience along in a smooth flow.
Like in all biographies , the movie has to have a documentary effect, but Mani has softened the effect (Why do directors like Mani do biographies....cant we be blessed with movies with good story lines from them...all while we are made to endure sub-standard movies from sub-standard directors ).
The crux of the movie..the debate whether Guru flouting the law is justifiable or not ....the opinion is portrayed a la Mani shades of grey ! He again succeeds in raising the question in the minds of the audience.
That's another feather in his cap !
( My views on flouting with the law as Guru did , is reserved for another post).

Overall as PK put it,
" Mani should be credited with getting the best out of all these folks as only he can."

My take : 'Theatre kku poi paaka vendiya padam !'( A movie which deserves to be viewed in the theatres !)

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Mind Your Language :)

Got this by mail from a friend.......

How does an English professor speak English

1.Don't dare to talk in front of my back!

2.Both of you three get out of the class!

3.Why are you so late… say yes or no!

4.Take 5 cm wire of any length! [Best one!!!]

5.I have two daughters. Both of them are girls!!

6.All of u stand in a straight circle

7.Quite… the principal just passed away...

8.Why are you looking at the monkey outside the window when I am here.

Just for laughs :)

Friday, 9 March 2007

Regional views

Hey I got this as a forward..the second half was the reply of my friend :)
Just a light joke...nothing to hurt anyone :)

This is what I got from a Telugu friend...

What it means to have a TAMIL GIRL friend

Her mother looks down at you because you didn't study in IIT or Madras /Anna University.
Her father starts every conversation with " I say..."
She shudders if you use four letter words.
She shudders when you eat eggs.
She has long hair, neatly oiled and braided.
She uses the word 'Super' as her only superlative.
Her name is another name for a Goddess or a flower.
Her first name is longer than your first name, middle name and surname combined.
When she mixes milk and rice you are never sure whether it is for the Dog or for herself. (That is baaad!)
For weddings, she sports a mini jasmine garden on her head and wears silk saris in the Madras heat without looking too uncomfortable while you are melting in your singlet.
She thinks Arvind Swami is the sexiest man alive.
Her favorite cricketer is Kris Srikanth.
Her favorite food is dosa though she has tried North Indian snack like Chat (pronounced like the slang for ‘conversation’)
She bursts into songs with her cousins in every movie.
She bores you by telling you which raaga each song you hear is based on.
You have to give her jewels, though she has already got plenty of it.
She is more educated than you.
Her father thinks she is much smarter than you.
And he is probably right.
Note: Sorry Tamil friends

I countered it by this...below... : -) hope you enjoy..

What it means to have a UGULET GIRL friend

Her mother looks down at you because you didn't study Engineering or for not having a fake certificate which others can easily identify...
Her father starts every conversation with Dowry??... Is he a Brinjal vendor..?
She shudders if you use FIVE (DOWRY) letter words.
She hates you when you don’t eat GONGURA...and all pickles her mom has given from a 3 yrs back India trip...
She has a capability of turning anything into a pickle…even paper... Andhra style... :-) Your fate to eat it...
She has long hair, neatly oiled and braided not to make, feel her husband admire...but to offer to Tirupathi god.
She uses the word 'Bagundhi' as a standard adjective for anything even to praise you... so no value.
She breaks her first name and keeps a nick name; her last name is usually being horrible to pronounce…everyone confuses which one to use.
When she mixes milk and rice you don’t realize that it would also be like a fire spicy...Unless u taste it and go to hospital she might have used white chillis. (That is chaala baaad!).
For weddings, she doesn’t sport a mini jasmine garden on her head because she knows well that her hair is going to TIRUPATHI so why jasmine flowers wastely? Correct na…?? and wears basic cotton sari in the Guntur and save something to her dad because of dowry expenses.
She thinks Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh are the sexiest men alive. Otherwise, she knows only about Tamil heroes and movies because approx...200% Tamil movies are dubbed or remade in Telugu rgt?
Her favorite cricketer is Tendulkar...because there is no one from Guntur.
She bores you by telling you how to save $... while sleeping...too… trying to save snore? Lol.
You have to give her American life, Lexus, Acura MDX, Blackberry & always update with...Luxury that she will balance the jewels and houses her father gave you..
But she rarely likes to buy those cars...and owns an obsolete Corolla...for her entire US life...
She is rarely educated...knows how to be a best kanjoo in the world...
Her father thinks she is much smarter than You( my telugu friend)...and he is correct... :-)

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Happy Women's Day !!!

Happy Women's Day to all Women bloggers !

Felt like this is the best time to talk about what Women's liberation means in today's world.
Are we liberated ?
Ofcouse we are ! Any woman with a basic education is a liberated person and she can think for herself and can make what she wants out of her life.
Women are gifted with certain qualities that are unique and attractive and it's upto us to be liberated without losing our charm, grace and bewitching looks .
There is a cool factor associated with feminism and I wonder if there is any use in'nt being sweet and charming preferable to being brash?
I love the protective attitude of males and revel in it. Let's not exploit them..but give them an oppurtunity to show that they care :P
Let's don all those colorful clothes and accessories and look our feminine selves.....
I have seen in many situations that just a curteous smile and a polite request from women work wonders...and things are easy that way :)
Girls! Let's stick up for ourselves but in the process let's not lose our gentle nature ! Happy Women's Day !

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Watch out for these....

If you are living with or in close proximity to any septuagenarian (a person in his/her seventies), it is advised that you keep a close watch on their speech and actions to detect Alzheimer's disease or 'Senile-Dementia' at an early stage.

It creeps in such a slow pace which makes detecting very difficult. There are many websites that gives an idea of what symptoms to watch out for, but they just give a general idea and does not talk of signs specific to our life-style.

My grand-mother is a Dementia patient and has been deteriorating slowly for the past 3 or so years. (She was a seven year old when the photograph was taken )
Had we detected certain odd behaviors 5 years ago, we could have delayed the progress considerably.
There were isolated incidents, ones that could easily be brushed aside that we never attached much importance. And brushing aside is what we did ,which turned out to be such a ghastly mistake on our part.

Let me give you a brief idea of the kind of woman my grand-mother is. She is the one I wrote about in one of my earlier posts.
She would run her family so efficiently and also take care of the families of her daughters all at the same time.She would keep track of all that is happening in her daughters' families on a day to day basis.

I have an incident that would sum up her character and the role she played in our lives..
When my brother was in UKG or Ist standard he was asked by the tution teacher a question from Social Studies. When he was asked"Who is the head of the family?"
My brother had thought for a moment and had replied in a conclusive way
"Amamma is the head of the family !"

('Father' was the right answer in the text book..but we'll debate about that later :P )

That is how active she was..involving herself in numerous activities enthusiastically.There is so much to her that I can do a seperate post on the subject.

Around her seventieth year there were some disturbing behavior. Certain things that would not go in sync with her character ,caliber or intelligence.

The earliest was a depressive attitude. She would speak as if there was no hope even in trivial things. We thought she was complaining about her loss of physical strength and put it down to old age.

Then there would be repetitive phrases she would was
"enna maa pannaradhu (What can I do!)" for every question we would pose.

She was a very active person in family functions and was in close contact with all her first ,second ,third and nth cousins.But around this time she would never show any interest in meeting people or attending weddings..this was quite a shock to most of us. My cousin was doing medicine and he was the one who detected that something was amiss. When a phsychiatrist visited her, he diagnosed it as 'Depression' and started treatment.

She was a meticulous person giving a lot of to importance to home decoration (to the extent of digging up the floor to change it with not so much as batting her eyelids).She was one person who took a lot of effort to present herself well. It was next to impossible to find a hair out of place. But she could'nt even do her hair properly and her personal hygiene took a nose-dive.

Routine work was a great challenge to her .She would forget where she kept important things and would search for them over and over .
One day while we were watching a late night movie she told me "Sree...idhu ellam poi dhaaney..ippo Meena thoongittu dhaaney irupaa?" (She was questioning why an actress was in the TV when everyone must be sleeping at that time of the day!) .
I was shocked and did'nt know what to reply.

The next blow was the way she was handling money. She would give a bunch of notes to the cable-guy or the news-paper man and would not wait for the change.
She had a bad bout of sweet-craving and would not keep track of the sweets eaten and this coupled with excess sleeping during day time and wandering in the nights was playing havoc with her overall well-being.

The last knock came when she asked my brother whether he was older or younger than me as she was a walking journal of all our lives and would give details with precision even in her sleep.
Later when we slowly questioned her about who were siblings ,who were cousins and the order of siblings she was not sure of herself.

This was the time my mother decided to change the doctor and after an MRI the doctor gave us the sad news that she was a Dementia patient and that a part of her brain was not getting enough blood supply and he changed the medication.
But even at that time she could carry on her work and was keeping a tab on the house-hold activities.

But slowly deterioration has taken its toll and now she is not able to tell even our names .But surprisingly she remembers her parents and her childhood very well and the moment she sees her father's photograph grabs it and says 'En Naina'('My
Dad'). The doctors say that they go back in time and remember their childhood vividly.

There is no cure for Dementia and the best that can be done is delaying the deterioration , keeping their area accident-proof and spending as much time with them as possible.
Prolonged medication for BP is also a contributing factor to this condition.
Watching TV serials without a break should be discouraged and activities that would exercise the brain like 'sudoku' and reading various subjects should be encouraged.

My message is this. If you spot anything..anything in your parent's or grand-parent's behavior that makes you think "I guess they are getting old"...Dont assume it's old age taking its toll..immediately consult a good Neurologist and get them tested for Dementia. Most of all try spending as much time as possible with them and be part of their world.

Friday, 2 March 2007

A Sequel to my previous Tanglish..

Ravi in his comments ,reminded me of 'waters in the dark' of which I convieniently forgot in my previous post.

//seeing a huge water body (river, lake or sea) in the night gives me an eeiry feeling// was part of his comment.
I think I can perfectly understand that feeling.

Oru vaati Kumarakom(Kerala) la, the resort had arranged something called 'angling in the night'(andha maari perla edho)..The way it was expalained in the sounded like great fun.
Sarinnu..naan soora puli maari..
'Naan thatha voda evalo fishing poyee irukken..hmm aanaa naan ponadhu ellam
'Big game'..idhu enamo small range maari irukku nnu' oru alatal.. (enga thatha naan avaroda pona podhu 14 kgs fishes pidichi irukaaru..naannum adhu kitta poyee tasteaa irukkumaa , fry yaa illa kuzhambaa..nnu paathu irukken..).

'Hey folks..but I know all about baits for little fishes' adhu idhu nnu en 'angling' ariva ellam kaanpichen. Enga thatha small game pogum podhu..bait kku evalo groundnut+ idly+ 'all sorts of other things' paste seidhu ,'urundai' pidichu veyyilla kaaya vechee iruppen!!! (Idly is the binding agent..dont even let me talk about 'all sorts of other things' :) ore Non-veg smell vandhudum :P..enga kootalikku vera pidikaadhu :P)

Oru 9 manikku gumballa kilambinom.
The hotel guy took us to a daaaarkk..marshyyy..bamboo(or something similar) filled area with the help of a lantern..light taa 'ooooshh..ooosh' nu oru sound. That guy made us climb down a slope (appavey enakku idhu saripadumaannu doubt..ovvoru step pum spelt .E.E.R.I.E.), and he took us to a creek..ennamo back waters maari..and there was a kattamaran anchored there..naan lantern a paarthen..kattumaratha paathen..bamboos paathern..pakkathila irukaravanga mogam kooda theriyala...

Kattumaram mela ellam thanni.. anga anga 'algae' .(kamal sonna maari paasam mighundha kattumaram!). Kattumarathukku 'Paasam' irundhu enna use..kooda vandha gumbalukku illaye..Sigh!!!

Boatman na paathu..'ivida enna meen kittu..aaapudum ?' nnu oru malayamil la ketten..
Avar malayalathula ninaichee irupaaru..'adhu theriyadhu aana ,inga irukka meenungalukku innaiki enna kidaikum nnu enakku theriyum' nnu.
Enakku mattum oru 10 minutes aavey visions of 'Anaconda'.Adhula nightla vara scenes...
I could'nt even go near that Kattamaran..Some kind of fear was gripping me.

Enga gumballa kooda yaraiyavadhu sacrifice pannanumna first choice yaarunnu enakku theriyum...adhula mattum difference of opinion varadhu.

"illa..I dont know abt baits for fishes in backwaters( read it "I DONT WANT to be a bait" )..
"You see daa... S ....(engaloda epavaadhu fishing vara en cousin brother..a.k.a 'dhrogee')..
Namba 'low tide high tide' edhuvumey calculate pannama poga maatom illa, sun rise,sun set time kooda paakala ..what say you? " innu ketten.
Avan 'Endee..raathiri 9 manikku rising..setting time avasiyamaa.. idhu ellam oru pozhapaa...irudee innimey neeti muzhakee pesuva illa..' maari oru cheap paarvai vittutu..
'Un ishtam sree...decide pannu' nnan.

Adutha second naan 'about turn!..1.2.3..1 !' nnu baltee.
Aana boat man num hotel aalum..'endha..nyee..entha interest vilichee..ippa ennadayingil..nyan.. innum poyengil lake varum..nannayittu irukkim ' andha maari ore 'nasal' dialogues.
This waters is two to the power of infinity much..'nyaan varalaa' nnu innum koncham nasala sollitten..
Enga gumbalum..'soora puliye jagaa vaangidhichee..namba emmatharam'nu adhungalum 'about turn!'.
Medhuva nadandhu hotel vandhu serndhom..'Emaathitaan daa !' nnu naan sonnadhukku ellarum 'Vaa Vaa unakku nalaikku irukudhu' nnu kannaalaye sollitu poitaanga.

(But the next day turned out to be exhilarating with a speed boat ride in lake 'Vembanadu'. Appo appo 'S' kku edhavadhu pazhee vaangum ennam varudhaannu paarthen..avar Asinodavo..Nayanodavo 'malayaala karai oram'nnu manasula duet la irundhaaru..hee hee naanum indha oru vaati disturb pannala :P).

I did not get to see the same 'angling' creek in day time..had I, probably I would have felt differently..
afterall.. "Naan enga thathavoda evalo Big games poyee iruppen !!! " :)