Sunday, 28 October 2007

Peaceful - Voracious Blog Reader

Ah.....Life without a mobile phone is so peaceful.

I wonder why I need a mobile phone at all.

No more calls during driving, grocery shopping etc.

Soooo peaceful.


Voracious Blog Reader

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Please do not waste your food – Voracious Blog Reader

A simple google search will tell us how people in some of the countries across the world suffer due to lack of food to eat.

Please do not waste your food.

I have seen instances when food was wasted/thrown into the Garbage because:

  1. The food is not warm.

  2. The food doesn't suit their taste buds.

One could be considerate if food was thrown into the bin since it is not edible. But again I would ask:

  • What lead to this situation?

  • Is it negligence?

  • Was the food left in the refrigerator for days together and left to decay?

The amount of food one eats in the developed countries for breakfast, is the food a person eats in Africa for the whole day. [Forgot the magazine, which gave this fact, and hence unable to give reference]

I am sure everyone of us has received the e-mail of a child crawling to a food camp in sudan and a vulture waiting near by to eat the child once it died of starvation. Please think of this when you waste your food. We are blessed to eat a square meal. For those who were lucky enough to escape the gory picture, here it is: (click on image for a enlarged view)

And then, there are these instances were people celebrate their Birthdays where the person is literally bathed in all sort of food items, like in this video below:

I do not want to give him publicity and hence not mentioning his blog here.

Despite our (Sree's and mine) comments mentioning the importance of food, the person never even bothered to reply. The amount of food wasted could have lasted at least two days.

I reiterate: Please do not waste your food.

Voracious Blog Reader

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Qualifications - Voracious Blog Reader

Looking at our politicians in India, I came up with this question:

What are the necessary qualifications to become a politician?

These questions struck my mind when trying to answer the above question:

a) Should one have a good educational upbringing?

b) Should one have good experience in serving the society?

c) A mixture of both? [Is it feasible?]

While there are a minimum set of criteria that are to be met to become a Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer etc., are there any set of rules for a Politician?

I cannot take this answer from you all: He should be a Rowdy and so on and so forth.

Voracious Blog Reader