Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Energy and Persistence Conquer all things-B.Franklin

Just look at the complete concave crater !
How persistent the wind should be !
It reminds me of this quotation by Calvin Coolidge

"Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

The slogan “Press On” has solved and

always will solve the problems of the human race."

Note: This is a rock in Horsley Hills which is situated in the Southern part AP.
A place with wonderful climate and the highlight is there is no other entertainment
except nature walks and bird watching


Saturday, 16 June 2007

Adultery in Indian law


The debate whether the Law against adultery favors women is an age old one. I have been hearing this argument right from the time I was thrown in the midst of Lawyers.

When I read Prerna's post about it some time ago , I was reminded of Ankur's post on the same subject. And I think they have dicussed the issue very well.

But when I asked a few lawyers their opinion , I got looks that said 'oh !not the same old one' .

Though the debate is an old one , there are many questions still unanswered.

The question that interested me is 'what does the law attempt to achieve by this section'

Adultery is dealt in two ways by Indian Law. Under Penal Law its a criminal offence and in Matrimonial Law it can be used as a ground for divorce and nothing more (though it has a great impact on the wife's right to maintenance ).

Both under Penal law and Matrimonial law, adultery is an offence against marriage.
But the difference between the two is , under Penal Law the adulterer is the accused and
is penalised while the wife (adulteress) goes unpunished.

In the matrimonial court when a petition for divorce is filed on grounds of adultery,
the main relief is sought against the spouse and not against the adulterer though he may
be a party to the proceedings.
And the glaring difference is that in the Penal law the right is conferred only on the husband while in Matrimonial law both the spouses can use adultery as grounds for divorce.

So Matrimonial Law makes complete sense as the discretion of living with the erring
spouse is given to the wronged spouse and relief can be sought using this as grounds.

The futility of the section in Penal Law

What is most significant in the penal offence of adultery is that invariably the husband takes his vengeance against the third person, i.e. the adulterer .

The criminal action is filed not against the wife but against the adulterer. The wife is not guilty of offence, not even as an abettor.

The adulterer is considered 'an outsider to the matrimonial unit who invades the peace
and privacy of the matrimonial unit and poisons the relationship between the two
partners constituting the matrimonial unit.'

Thus it shifts the entire blame on the third person , and in the process the erring wife
goes scott-free . The wronged husband takes it out on the third person and not his wife.

Is'nt this akin to asking a child that has fallen down to hit the floor with all its might
to ease the pain ? The child shifts the blame on to the floor and feels happy that
things are taken care of , till the next time it falls down. It goes on and on until the child
learns to walk properly.

Similarly the Law should not confer this futile right on the husband but expect him
to deal with his marital problems within his home. He has no right to blame a third person
while his wife is part of the scenario. The ultimate shame a husband can face in matrimony is an adulterous wife and blaming it on a third person is like drenching himself in filth.

He can either condone the offence in a spirit of 'forgive and forget' and live together
or seperate by approaching a matrimonial court and snapping the tie by securing divorce.

Adultery under Penal Law should be repealed as being useless , outdated , obsolete and downright illogical.


Friday, 8 June 2007

The drinks on me tonight !!

Oh..I love her...

I adore her...

I worship her!!!

Do I or dont I .....propose ?

Will she or wont she...accept ?

hey sweet-heart love :)

I promise to play doll-doll...

will never ask for car-car...

make pasta with play-doh...

clean ur fisher-price kitchen...

play take-away when u dont feel like playing kitchen...

u sit in the car...I push...

u scatter things....I pick after u....

and the ultimate sacrifice for u my dove

we can paint our nursery now u know...

how much I love :)

So tell me sweety baby

What kind of fellas do you like

Well here I am sweet lady

You got one here right by your side

You know I might sound crazy

But I think you could be my wife

You've got the lovely pretty smile....

And those eyes that glow at night

oh please please just say u'd be mine :)

Ohhhh...hurray !!

the lady just said YES :))

ahaaa the drinks on me tonight baby

The drinks on me tonight !!


Tuesday, 5 June 2007


The results for all the entrance exams have been declared and accompanying that all the hype about which coaching centre prepared the winning horses .

Its just funny to note that invariably all the coaching centres claim that the toppers were their 'students' . It is a known fact that these schools and coaching centres contact high performers in 10th class and enroll them free of cost .

The contribution of these coaching centres towards the success of the toppers is minimal and these student would have come out with flying colors even without their help...the performance track of these students speaks volumes.
So , whatever the coaching centres claims should be taken with a generous helping of salt .

Saturday, 2 June 2007

...... for richer, for poorer, ...until death do us part

With double income , nuclear families being the order of the day , one wonders which is the best arrangement for managing the finance of the couples.

Which is the best option...having seperate accounts with one joint account for paying the bills or a common account where all the incomes are pooled and all expenses met from this account ?

It is very common for the wife to manage her 'own' money where a huge dowry is involved . So what are the expenses that she wld use this money for ? What are the expenses her husband is expected to bear ?

What about home-makers ? Does she get to have an equal say in the financial decisions of the family even if she does'nt contribute to the income ?

Invariably , when there is a slightest problem between the couples , this is one of the major complaints..disagreement on how the monies shd be managed and what it is to be spent on. And it mainly involves helping out his /her parents.

Is it so very difficult to draw a budget and fix a range or a max amount that a spouse can spend on their pet interests ? When the couple promises to share their lives....why cant they share a joint account ? why should each expense be appropriated to either of the spouse's account ?

Just wondering ............