Sunday, 30 September 2007

Just wondering... - Voracious Blog Reader

Many Indian people living in the western world have a nick name/alternate name since the western world finds it hard to pronounce their names.

Why do they find it hard? Don't we not learn the pronounciation of their names? Why not they then? Probably westerns have a answer to my above questions.

On the othe hand, people come up with their nicknames/alternate names themselves.

I can understand situations like:

" Hi, I am Dhanalakshmi. People call me Dhana".

" Hi my name is Bharath Kumar. People usally call me Bharath".

But why situations like:

" My name is Kamakshi. You can call me kams"


" My name is Krishnamurthy. You can call me kris"

Is it an inferiority complex that leads to suggesting nicknames ourselves? Or is one trying to sound western? Or is one changing their name to be accepted in a group?

For example, in the U.S, the number of Indians living is quite a huge sum. Why then do they name their kids "Laya, kris etc.," trying to hide their race? The name wouldn't stand out if it was a usual name like "Krishnakumari or rajalakshmi" considering the huge population of Indians right?

Do the foreign nationals in India, working on an extended period of a couple of months to a few years, change their names from "Renate" to "Rani" or from "Heinrich" to "rishi"?

Update: Just to maintain the gravitas of my post, did not include the following funny video earlier.

Voracious Blog Reader

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Simple and easy methods to prevent environment pollution-voracious blog reader

Here are some of my suggestions to avoid polluting the environment by going in for natural products:

* Plastics are dangerous. Where ever possible please use cotton bags. Avoid plastic bags. Always have the habit of carrying cotton bags with you. I always tell the shop keepers that I have bought my bag along.

* Go in for coir foot rests for your doorsteps and for cotton ones for bedroom etc.

* As much as possible buy cotton clothing. Kadhi Gramodhya Bhavan is a good place to start.

* The younger generation can make use of the cycle to make small errands. Use a dynamo instead of the battery-type lights.

* Use cotton ropes for putting the clothes out for drying. I agree that nylon ones last longer. But cotton ropes' production does not pollute the environment.

* Please switch off an appliance completely. For example, switch off the main switch of the TV. Leaving it ON does consume power. Though the consumption is small, small droplets of water form a big cloud. Imagine each and every household leaving their TV ON (not to mention the video/DVD players attached to the TV). Lot of power would be consumed then. Unwanted power consumption means wasting the power produced. On the same lines, switch off the lights before retiring to bed at night. I know quite a few people who have the habit of reading a book/magazine and doze off. Unwanted power consumption.

* If one wants to really bring down power consumption, one can go in for "kallore" and "ammi kal". And the food tastes a lot better than the electric mixies and grinders.

Voracious Blog Reader

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Happy Birthday Shree

Hi Shree,

Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Here is your Birthday card:

Eat the whole cake. I do not want even a piece. Its meant for you. Eat'em all please.

Voracious Blog Reader

Monday, 17 September 2007

Quacker :) (by Ananya )

There is this cartoon which really touched my heart. Its called Oswald.
Oswald is an octopus who lives in a big city with lots of friends. One day , Oswald, his dog Weeny and best friend Daisy go to 'duck pond' to drink some water after a tiring game.

While they drink the water , a mummy duck and her ducklings keep swimming in the water.
They come out and wriggle their feathers to shake off the water . The last duckling does'nt follow its mother and walks in the direction of Oswald saying 'Quack quack' .

Oswald and his friends keep looking out for the source of that noise. They find the baby duckling there. They decide to find its mother and pick it up and go all around the play ground playing on swings , slides and see-saws as they pass. By now , the duckling gets attached to Daisy.
Whereever it goes , it wants Daisy to be with it. Oswald and Daisy keep saying 'Quack quack' all the time thinking that the mother duck might hear them. Finally , they look all around the big city and end up on the pavement near the ice-cream shop. The owner of the shop Mr.Snow hears Oswald saying 'Quack quack' .

He asks Oswald 'what's up?' and Oswald tells all about the duckling and how they have looked all around and that they are tired out. Mr.Snow , suggest that they should go back to the place where they found little duckling. They find it a great idea.

So they go back and look around and dont find mother duck. The duckling gets on to a boat in the water and says 'Quack quack' . So , Daisy suggest that they should get onto the boat and row into the pond.
In the boat Daisy and the duckling whom she has named 'Quacker' start talking in 'Quack' language.

Daisy : Quack quack
Quacker: Quack quack quack
Daisy : Quack quaaaaaackk
Quaker : Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk

And now they find mother duck swimming into the pond with her little ducklings. Daisy puts Quacker back into the pond and it swims back to its mother while Daisy watches teary eyed .
She says 'Quack' for 'Goodbye' and she gets a reply from Quacker.
'I'll miss you' says Daisy and 'I'll miss u too' says Quacker.


Composed and dictated by Ananya and typed by Sree .
This post is dedicated to all readers who called my posts 'thayir vadai' or 'mokkai' or
'plain boring' ;-).....Sree

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Shuklaam Bharadharum vishnum....

Thanks a lot to Shree (a.k.a Partner) for allowing me to co-author this blog.

When my Partner cuts a cake and celebrates my Birthday, I think I should reciprocate, atleast by writing a few words in praise of her (By the way, everything that can be said about shree will always be praises. she is that kind of a person).

Shree, a great Lawyer in the making, is a wonderful person with a very broad mind. I wish her all the best, with all my heart, in her career and for her upcoming exams.

Shree always wanted me to co-author this blog, which I always politely declined. But I gave in ultimately.

I am happy to be a part of "Sri's Views" and hope to post soon.

Hey Partner, Thank you very much.

Voracious Blog Reader

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Hello everyone :)

First thing ! I apologise.
I should have informed you friends that I wld be taking a break. But was hoping that something would pop up in my little brain and I can put a post about it.But miracles took a break too.
So sorry pals..and please excuse me till the end of this month.
In other words , enjoy your freedom ;)

Yesterday was my dear partner, Voracious blog reader's birthday :) I missed wishing yesterday.
So I wish V a very happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day :)

Yes...I took my share of the cake ;)

See yaa , friends .