Sunday, 16 September 2007

Shuklaam Bharadharum vishnum....

Thanks a lot to Shree (a.k.a Partner) for allowing me to co-author this blog.

When my Partner cuts a cake and celebrates my Birthday, I think I should reciprocate, atleast by writing a few words in praise of her (By the way, everything that can be said about shree will always be praises. she is that kind of a person).

Shree, a great Lawyer in the making, is a wonderful person with a very broad mind. I wish her all the best, with all my heart, in her career and for her upcoming exams.

Shree always wanted me to co-author this blog, which I always politely declined. But I gave in ultimately.

I am happy to be a part of "Sri's Views" and hope to post soon.

Hey Partner, Thank you very much.

Voracious Blog Reader


Sree's Views said...

Hey Dear Loving Partner :)
What a pleasant surprise :)
Welcome welcome welcome !

What is all this praising ,partner?
Nekku vekkama irukku :)

Actually its such a honour that u have accepted to join this blog . Its been urs as much as its mine from the very beginning. Anyway we will change the name to suit u too... why dont u think of something that wld be apt ?

btw..Ankur has invited u to join :) lots of demand , Kootalee :)

Thanks for ur wishes kootaalee :)

pangalee...feel free to change the template or anything else u feel needs change :)

Good luck ,Partner !

Voracious Blog Reader said...


Am so elated to see your comment and that too being the first to comment.

Thanks for the wishes.

Voracious Blog Reader

Ankur said...

welcome to the blogging world :)

Mahendra said...

This is good news! Looking forward to your posts, VBR!

Sree's Views said...

where are u ? :)

Thiru said...


Wow thats nice! Welcome to blogosphere. Looking forward to your posts.

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Ankur, Mahendra and Thiru,


Voracious Blog Reader

Anonymous said...

Hey sree -
Enna romba paasa mazhaiaa irukku.reminding u one thing - Ivvalavu naal naan than unkitte mattitirunthen - ippa netleyum AAtam aarambichacha.
Actually I am beginning to feel very J.

So all dear blogger friends of sree , join me to wish my dearest dearest friend a very Happy Birthday .:)


tulipspeaks said...

aha..voracious.. u r co-authoring this blog eh? just realised. welcome to the world of bloggers! (i know its a bit late.. sorry)


Voracious Blog Reader said...

Dear Ammu,

Thanks a bunch.

Voracious Blog Reader