Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Mani Ratnam...The Vanilla Gold of Movies :)

I watched Guru yesterday (dont ask me in which theatre :P ) and was quite impressed.
Inspite of PK's post reassuring its nothing like 'Iruvar' , I was quite apprehensive. But the movie could hold our attention throughout although it was a long one..!

// Here too, Mani delivers a decent film which does not insult the intelligence of the movie goer.//
PK has aptly said this....there are few movies that do not irritate you..I feel 98% of the regional movies are out to irritate and make a fool of you. But you need to give Mani credit for the respect he has for his audience.

There are a few things in the movie that bothers you , though..
every frame and every little move of Abhishek reminds us of 'Nayakan'....Mani shd have known its too early to repeat the same style . Coming to Madhavan...he pales in Abhishek's presence..makes you wonder if it is intentional . He looked insignificant and the courage displayed in his dialogues do not reflect in his face.

Parinita girl...what's her name..not sure..is such a waste of screen-time and an absolute add-on for the sake of distributors.
There was a time when ppl like us enjoyed even the item songs in Mani's movies..unlike the usual Tamil and Telugu items...but this one did'nt give importance to choreography or dress-sense(!)....maybe it was meant to be so ! He could have done better esp since the setting was Turkey !
About Aishwarya..the less said the better!
Could'nt recognise Mithun until I read PK's post again ! (I felt he was looking familiar ).

Unlike 'Uyira Uyire' , the editing was very good and the sequence took the audience along in a smooth flow.
Like in all biographies , the movie has to have a documentary effect, but Mani has softened the effect (Why do directors like Mani do biographies....cant we be blessed with movies with good story lines from them...all while we are made to endure sub-standard movies from sub-standard directors ).
The crux of the movie..the debate whether Guru flouting the law is justifiable or not ....the opinion is portrayed a la Mani style..in shades of grey ! He again succeeds in raising the question in the minds of the audience.
That's another feather in his cap !
( My views on flouting with the law as Guru did , is reserved for another post).

Overall as PK put it,
" Mani should be credited with getting the best out of all these folks as only he can."

My take : 'Theatre kku poi paaka vendiya padam !'( A movie which deserves to be viewed in the theatres !)


Ravi said...

Sree, fyi, Mani Ratnam had mentioned in one of his interviews that all of his movies are reflections (with alterations ofcourse) of someone's story including Alaipayuthe. He said the ones which reflect popular figures get talked about as being so and so's story.

I like Mouna Ragam the best till date.

As u rightly said, his dress sense is too good - uses a lot of cotton dresses and its too good to look on the screen.

balar said...

Very good review Sree...:)
Which version did u watch??tamil or Hindi??? :)

Irundhalum neenga "Mayyaa Mayyaa" song pathi oru vari kooda sollaliye ..:(:(..

Sree's Views said...

Hello Ravi..
Long time no see ? :)
I did'nt know this..even otherwise i wonder why such great directors shd restrict themselves like that!
Mouna Ragam is one of his best , and the song "chinna chinna vannakuyil.." has great choreography, wonderful setting and colorful costumes.
Thanks for ur comment Ravi :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Bala..
I watched the Hindi version (with subtitles ofcourse..though it was not necessary as the scenes were self-explanatory).
Enga andha paata pathi sollala nga ?
//but this one did'nt give importance to choreography......maybe it was meant to be so ! //
Idhu andha paata pathi dhaan..
Hmmm.. Appo oru set andha paata rasichi vera irukeenga :)
Thanks for ur comment Bala !

Ravi said...

long time elaam illai. Infact I keep visiting every day. Enna onnu, comment mattum podala...

Sree's Views said...

Oh that's Ok Ravi! :)

Harish said...

Hmmm...eppadiyo ozhunga padam edutundu irunda oru aalayum tamil cinema vittu toratitom. Padam hindi la hit and he is making next with Aamir which means its a 90% hit.
Pity...we will have to run along with these stupid Ajiths and Vijay...till someone like KamalHassan or PrakashRaj come along to save us :-)

Pegasus said...

one of the topic thought...
we had gandhi.
few decades later after lots of controversy ... Bandit queen.
bot today its almost impossible to make an biography... and claim that its actually one.

PS: i just love the ambanis guts to think mega.

Sree's Views said...

Hello Harish ,
Welcome here !
//Pity...we will have to run along with these stupid Ajiths and Vijay//
Very true ! Our regional movies really put me off...
As for we chasing away MR... ppl were ready to give him his due credit..but at one point of time he thgt "anything goes". Afterall, cinema is an entertainment medium and he has to treat it as such.

Sree's Views said...

Hello Pegasus...
When Veerappan was shot, I thgt there wld be a movie glorifying him and giving a romantic hue to his character :)
//PS: i just love the ambanis guts to think mega. //
Could'nt agree with you more !
Infact I have respect for every entreprenuer regardless of the size of his business !

Pegasus said...

I also half expected it to happen... but i am sure Veerappan would involve so much controversy that they will have to come up with a ficticious character...
as what Happened in Ab tak Chappan... which was based on the firing squads of Mumbai police.

Syam said...

enna thavira ellorukum hindi therinju irukum pola iruku...chinna vayasula hindi class cut adichitu cinema ponathuku ippo hindi padam paarka mudiyaama pochu...itha thaan solli irukaanga...chinna vayasula seyin Guru padathula vilayum nu :-)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Pegasus,
// but i am sure Veerappan would involve so much controversy //
Dont underestimate our directors..they can make Hitler appear like a new born babe :P

Infact my fear was triple-fold when the guy was alive !What if the movie lead to the guy becoming our next CM :P
Heaven forbid ! :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Syam ,
Neenga vera..naan Hindi la
Ragu tha tha dhaan.
Video library kku pona modhala...subtitle irukkannu kettutu appuram dhaan movie pera kepen..
Enanga neenga..Hindi padathukku oru 20, 30 vaartha dhaanga...adha kathukitta podhum..chumma next moviekku nambaley dialogue ezhudhalam :)

/chinna vayasula seyin Guru padathula vilayum nu :-) //
neenga tamil padam poyee irupeenga..anga dhaan thappu panniteenga..
Naanga 'Taal' ponom...ippo Guru paakarom :p

Pegasus said...

wow... that would be an interesting
fugitive turned CM/PM

about Hitler... actually it won't be very tough... there is lots that the world can learn from him...
(This comes with a disclaimer.... Ravana was considered the biggest pandit of his era.)

Sree's Views said...

//there is lots that the world can learn from him... //
In the US, I have heard ppl say " Sometimes,I think I can understand Hitler".
As for Ravana he was a great musician too...the only stupid move is that he went asking for trouble !

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Sigh !

Looks like I have to watch movies.

Updating real fast now-a-days. At this rate, you will probably come up with a post a day.

Voracious Blog Reader

balar said...

/*My take : 'Theatre kku poi paaka vendiya padam !'( A movie which deserves to be viewed in the theatres !)*/
Havent noticed this "your take" ....
Aaama, dvd illai vcdla padam parkka vendiyuthu..parthuttu mathavangalai mattum theatrela poi parrungannu recommendu panna vendiyuthu..Idhu eppadi irukkuna..:):)hehehe meethi ungalukkke theriyum.. :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey V....
Hmm I know you're not a movie buff...neither am I..but I think we shd not miss movies where u know lots of planning and efforts are put in...just to see if movie-making with the rt approach makes a diff...
I think it does !

Daily oru post poda naan ready !
Daily adha padikka nee readyaa?

(read it TN politicians 'Arikkai' style ;-) )

Adiya said...

innum padam parkala. parthu 2 solluran

Sree's Views said...

Hey Bala..
// A movie which deserves to be viewed in the theatres !//
Adhu verum rating :)
Enpaa oora kooti 'thiruttu' vcd adhu idhunnu sollareenga....
Enna proverb paa adhu...theriyalaiye.. !!!
Can u enlighten us please ?
Illa Yarukkavadhu therinja sollunga :)
Correct ta sonna oru DVD free !!!
(Balar kodupaar ;) )

Sree's Views said...

Hello Adiya...
Yebba..Paarunga Paarunga..T.DVD la paartha velila solladheenga...
gamukkama irundhudunga :P
Aana theatre la paaka vendiya padam!

Pegasus said...

not just this movie... but all movies need to be viewed in theaters. the ambiance itself will make u appreciate it.

Sree's Views said...

Hello pegasus.....
You are right...the ambience defenitely adds to the enjoyment..and also it makes a perfect outing..unlike watching at home which never gives the same effect....
But there are some movies , Pegasus..I am not sure if u watch Tamil movies..(I am sure there are some equivalents in ur regional language)..which u simply cannot sit throo for 2 1/2hrs..and cannot leave the theatre when ur friends are with u..so they are best suited for home-viewing :)
BTW: I cannot watch our Rajini movies without the background music of the audience's whistles :P

balar said...

/*(Balar kodupaar ;) ) */

Ennaanga Sree idhu aNiyaayam,
namma PK sir sonnappla "Unge Venduthalukku enakku Mottaiya"???.

Sree's Views said...

Hey Bala...
Indha maari vidukadhai ellam pottadhu neenga...enna pazhamozhinnum solla maatengareenga...vera enna seyaradhunnu potti arivichitten :P
Enappa DVD dhaana..koduthuttu pongalen.. :P
(Makkaley..avar apdee dhaan solluvaar..aana DVD koduthuduvaar...so ungalukku therinja sollunga :P )

Pegasus said...

u r getting bored.. and there is darkness in the room... just go and sleep... maybe spend some time with ur partner.

i do not the south indian movies... but ya there are some hindi movies.. esp the govinda ones.... which i can put u into coma

Sree's Views said...

Yeah Yeah Pegasus...
Cant stand that guy Govinda :(