Thursday, 8 March 2007

Happy Women's Day !!!

Happy Women's Day to all Women bloggers !

Felt like this is the best time to talk about what Women's liberation means in today's world.
Are we liberated ?
Ofcouse we are ! Any woman with a basic education is a liberated person and she can think for herself and can make what she wants out of her life.
Women are gifted with certain qualities that are unique and attractive and it's upto us to be liberated without losing our charm, grace and bewitching looks .
There is a cool factor associated with feminism and I wonder if there is any use in'nt being sweet and charming preferable to being brash?
I love the protective attitude of males and revel in it. Let's not exploit them..but give them an oppurtunity to show that they care :P
Let's don all those colorful clothes and accessories and look our feminine selves.....
I have seen in many situations that just a curteous smile and a polite request from women work wonders...and things are easy that way :)
Girls! Let's stick up for ourselves but in the process let's not lose our gentle nature ! Happy Women's Day !


Chakra Sampath said...

Wishes to you on Women's Day!

Sree's Views said...

Thank You, Chakra Sampath!

Pegasus said...

i was wondering when is the Men's day?

balar said...

Happy Women's Day Sree..

Sree's Views said...

@ Pegasus
I Guess its EVERYDAY !!! :)

Sree's Views said...

@ Balar...
Thank You very much Bala !

@Chakra Sampath...
How is the little one ? :)