Friday, 12 January 2007

what do I call this ?

Yesterday we had our usual 9 yr old visitor 'J'.She is soooo fond our little dog that she gets all her clothes for the dog :)
J is such a sweet...well-mannered....cute little thing. Infact I think I have had more well meaning conversations with her than I had had with many of my peers...well..its mostly girlie talks and she wanted to know if what all she heard in school were true.
And I have also played the role of "Naatamai" for all her 'school bus' tiffs.
She was here the day before too and I remembered she telling me that there were lots of relatives at her place and she wanted to be here till late evening..
Our usually happy...bubbly...exhuberant J was very dull and looked like she had cried for a long time. I enquired about her relatives and wanted to know what the occasion was...for which she said " I have a brother and a sister " Believe it or not...these were her exact words.
I had a biiiiig question mark on my face...and J continued.. "yesterday after going from here I was taken to the hospital to see my brother and sister... " It was then that things dawned on me.
She has twin siblings. Then she continued..."but I was very unhappy..
I cried for hours . I never wanted siblings and my parents knew that "
I was speechless.
I could not believe that the child did not know all these months that she was going to be a sister. I asked.."but J must have known all these days...did'nt you see your mom's tummy?"and she said "My mom is always big".
I dont know what to make of this...her parents are educated...her father dotes on her. What were they doing all these months not preparing her for a new arrival into their home and very much into their lives. How is this child going to bond with her siblings...and what about the little ones.. Will they know that they have a sister who does'nt want them..
I dont know what to call these ppl's behavior..inconsiderate....down right cruel.
I really hope that she will start loving the kids and everything will work out for the family!!


Just Words said...

The fact that you can have a more meaningful conversation with little J than your peers just goes to prove that “ Sense is something that boys gain with age and girls lose it with age” you wait and see our little J ‘s world narrowing down to Cosmetics Beauty Parlors and all those TV soup and shopping :-)
Jokes apart it may be funny but true that sibling rivalry forms a big part of most of ours childhood, lets face it no matter how u prepare a kid its not easy for any kid to the lose the focal point and share the attention with a new arrival , but some how as u grow up some ware in between all the rivalry ,pillow fights, hair pulling and crying you bond and grow depended on each other and become inseparable … I guess nature has a way of teaching things that we need to learn :-) I guess little J will slowly realize and love the fact that she has two younger siblings whom she can boss around and play all those student teacher and family family games with :-)

Jeevan said...

Thanks for your wishes:) Happy Pongal to u too!!

Srikanth said...


who is the girl in your previous post?

question source : VBR

naan verum post man.


apuram godavari karaiyoramaa pongal kondaada vaazhthukal..

Sree's Views said...

Hey Srikanth....
Yaaru VBR?....Enakku VBJ dhaan theriyum :P
Adhu enga veetila iurndha oru snap.
epadee irukunnu sollungu..i thgt the look was very "saamarthiyam".
Ammam..neenga edhukku postman velai paakanum ?
Happy pongal to you!
Naan "andha arabic kadal ooram..
Oru pongal kandeine........"
ippo leave kku Bombay vandhu iruken.(Pongal kku inga oru visheshamum illai... :( )

sree said...

Hey VBR,
Unga Amma peru enna?
sollunga...and where are u situated? Lets see if the child in the snap is related to ur mom.

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Sree,

Great to note that it wasn't a snap from the internet. Else would have sent me scratching as to how to track it down.

Is there a possibility to discuss further issues surrounding this topic off the blog? I can give you more details then.

Thank you.

Voracious Blog Reader

sree said...

Hey Ms.VBR,
Sure. No problem. Unga chat id ya kodunga. I will log in and add u as my friend. OK?
(mela Ms potten..paatheengala.? )
I will add you around the 23rd.

sree said...

Hey VBR...what happened? I was expecting a reply from u.

sree said...

Hello Just words...
Hey did I forget to mention that most of my peers are guys and I have to stoop down to their level to have conversations while with J ..though she is little it is a cake walk.. :P
Welcome here JW. I understand that J will surely become friendly with her siblings in a few weeks time..but I am emphasising on the fact that it is the parents duty to prepare the child...well..How do u think they would feel now that J is telling all and sundry that she does'nt want her siblings.

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Sree,

My Computer is down. It will take me 2 or 3 days before I get it running and have access to Yahoo Messenger.

Sorry. Couldn't access net till today.

Voracious Blog Reader

sree said...

No probs VBR....
Take ur own time...
sorry about ur PC..

Void said...

a bit disheartening to note that most of the comments to this blog have no relevance to this and not sure why sree is encouraging these? is not the seriousness of the topic lost? it was a good topic thrown up, realistic and seen every day (well, at least almost everyday) but children will find a new surrounding and people as a rude shock however well you prepare them, but they are the best to adapt and adopt.- the void
Sree - see if you can moderate the comments based on relevance.