Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Here I come...

Each person has his/her own passion...something they cannot resist..that which pulls them inspite of common-sense saying a big Noo...u can call it a weakness...

I get into that trance when I am near clear waters. Be it a swimming pool..a clear lake..a stream..a pond...even a small tank near a field which is fed with a pump-set.
It need not neccessarily be a deep pool..just a wide tank filled with cool water would do...hmm..but the regular bath tubs are not in the list..they are so narrow and well... restricting I guess.

While riding in a boat (only the speed ones would do) or when I am gazing into flowing waters...I can literally feel a tug..as if mysterious hands are pulling me...its like I cant think clearly and there are two 'me s'....and one of 'me' is already in the water.

(hmm..I find it a great feat to manage just one 'me', imagine handling two :-) ).

Sometimes when I am near 'not so safe' waters like tall falls or swirling rivers ..one of 'me' ( the still sane one..) drags the other one forcibly.

The waters that take the cake are flowing crystal clear streams and deep blue lakes.
The feeling one gets while coming up from the deep is akin to no other feeling...pure bliss..

Well there are only two kinds of water that puts me off..the murky kind and the one with debris.

So..the moment I see water...I say...
"Here I come...."


Pegasus said...

Here I come, a mermaid named Sree.

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hee hee,

As long as you don't get into "hot waters" its ok.

Thanks for the Kamarkat.

Voracious Blog Reader

Sree's Views said...

Hello Pegasus..
Wish I was one :)
Thanks for your comment !

Sree's Views said...

Hey V...
Enpaa ipdee bhayamuruthareenga. :(
Thanks for your concern :P
Anytime (kamarkat kku)!!!

balar said...

Nalla Sinthanai vaLam ungalukku..

Good one sree.

Sree's Views said...

Hello Balar,
Unga paaraatugalukku Nandree :)
Happy you liked it !

Ravi said...

Yes, the fun with water is a joy forever!! But somehow, don't know why, for me, seeing a huge water body (river, lake or sea) in the night gives me an eeiry feeling. Don't know why.

Sree's Views said...

Hello Ravi..
ungalukku reply dhaan next post..thanks for reminding me abt the same places in the dark. That never entered my mind!

Adiya said...

Anniyan padam evalu time parthinga..

just kidding.

nice narration.. pump-set bathing oru kudos.

Sree's Views said...

Hello Aditya..
Welcome here...Anniyan padam ellam continuous show dhaan :P
Ungalukku pump-set tank experience irukka?
Thanks !