Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Happy Independence day !


30 states , 1618 languages , 6400 castes , 6 religions ,6 ethnic groups , 29 major festivals and one country.Be proud to be an Indian.
Happy Independence day !



Thiru said...

Wishing a Happy Independence Day to All...

(Hey you as a India-pen-dance today!)

tulipspeaks said...

Happy Independence Day!


Sree's Views said...

Wishing u the same :) engirundhaalum :)

India-pen-dance today!) //
adhukkenna...."velli pani malaiyin midhulaavuyom.." choreograph ready ;-)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Ammu..
Very Sweet and kind of u :)
thanks a bunch :)

Sree's Views said...

thiru...left a reply for ur comment in my previous post.

Partner....en comments dhaan inga neraiya irukkunnu sonellna...appuram neenga seidha channa ellam naaney saaptiduven :P
see yaa , Partner :)

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Paaaartner,

Happy Independence day !

I am proud to be an Indian. I am not saying this like the people who suddenly have this feeling of "Indian" because of our booming economy and its recognition in the international circle.

I am proud to be an Indian because of our rich culture, our vast diversity, our religious scripts, our knowledge in the field of science centuries back, the king's rule, the different arts of fighting, Indian cuisine, languages and so on and so forth.

Sarey jahan sey acha, Hindhosthan hamara...


Partner....en comments dhaan inga neraiya irukkunnu sonellna

Naan appadilaam sollamaaten. Indhaango ungalukku:
Kadalaparuppu sundal and karamani thidhippu sundal :)

Voracious Blog Reader

nitin said...

Happy Independence day

But i may not agree with you the reasons you specified for being proud of India..

What bothers me is "6400 castes"..

HOpe you understand what i am talking abt...we shud not be proud of our caste as it was the major force to divide us...And that too dividing us within the same religion in to bits and pieces ...

Ya..we have the credit for having multiculture background..Thumps up for that...

Ankur said...

if u did not knew, today is also Teej.. a popular north indian festival

Thiru said...

Hey Sree

adhukkenna...."velli pani malaiyin midhulaavuyom.." choreograph ready ;-)//

The moment you remind Bharathi I get unarchivasapatufied... why?!

The Visitor said...

Came here from Thiru's Spot.
See this post on Multicultural India

prerna said...

I agree with Nitin.
Ankur good you mentioned Teej, It is one of the most colourful festivals.

k4karthik said...

Wishing u the sameee...

//1618 languages //

is that true!?

mouna said...

perhaps, this is the most interesting part. such diversity, i find it amazing!
happy independance day!

Adiya said...

wish you too. :)

Priyank said...

Happy Independence day !

Rambodoc said...

Happy Independence Day massages coming on even on the 17th of August!?
Time for new posts, or you are gonna wait till there are 70 comments??

Sree's Views said...


Time for new posts, or you are gonna wait till there are 70 comments?? //
hmm...adhu enna 70 kanakku ?
usually its 25 ;)

why am I feeling soo lazy :( Its fun to comment but really lazy to think and write a post.

Sree's Views said...


hello partner :)

I am not saying this like the people who suddenly have this feeling of "Indian" because of our booming economy //
u need'nt have to say it , Kootalee.I remember our 'PK's NRI' post days very vividly :) and the way we were fighting tooth and nail and all ur advice and ur comments :)
'nenjam marapadhillai....' :)

I am happy and proud to be an Indian. period. no reasons :)

kadala paruppu :)
never tasted thithippu sundal :)

ungalukku tri-color cake ;-)

see yaa , partner :)

Sree's Views said...


Nitin...a clarification.

//What bothers me is "6400 castes"..

HOpe you understand what i am talking abt... //

I am not proud of the fact that there are 1000s of castes...I am proud of the fact that we all live in harmony inspite of it.

thanks for talking ur mind :)

Sree's Views said...


hey Ankur....
oh really !
what is Teej ? and what are the special eatables u had today ?

Sree's Views said...


ahaaa Thiru..

The moment you remind Bharathi I get unarchivasapatufied... why?! //
School la tamil classla 'seyyul' ellam enjoy pannavanga sureaa 'Thiru kural' and Bharathiyaar kavidhai ellam nalla enjoy pannuvaanga :) so neenga schoola tamil classla ensooiii dhaaney ?

neenga 'Thiru (valluvar) re-incarnation nnu oru doubt vera inga 'paravala' irukku ;-)

see yaa , thiru :)

Sree's Views said...


Hi :)

Welcome here :)
Ya I read that..Nita's post !
As usual she is one of the best :)

thanks :)

Sree's Views said...


Hi Prerna :)
How are u ?
Ya, Nitin has a point and I have given an explanation.

I am yet to learn about Teej :)
maybe u can write a post on it Prerna...u piqued my curiosity when u said its a 'colorful' one !

Thanks, Prerna :)

Ankur said...

the females usually celebrate teej..

and the special sweet is ghewar...
it is a wheat based disc... which has honeycomb like that of bread all over it. but it is harder
some sugar syrup and mava (milk protein) is added to it.... u have to taste it to know how it tastes

Sree's Views said...


Hey Karthik :)
Long time no see !
How are u ?

thanks for ur wishes :)
1618 am not sure but there must more that that many dialects :)

see yaa :)

Sree's Views said...


Hey Ankuuur :)
is it ?
I have eaten that sweet....
my it was very rich and sweet with almond scrappings all over it :)

will read the link and let u know :)
looks like u had a busy day...enagar was kind of lonely without ur comments :)

Sree's Views said...


Hi Adiyaa :)
thanks !

How are u ? looks like u r busy..will see u at ur blog :)

Sree's Views said...


Hi priyank :)
welcome here !

thanks for ur comment and ur wishes :)
have'nt seen ur blog yet (think so)..
will check it soon :)

see yaa !

prerna said...

Ankur has described Ghewar very nicely. I can actually picture it.

Sree's Views said...


yes Prerna ,He has given a very neat description that I got it in one go :)

Ankur said...

ya i kindof was... :( but lets hope that car post will make things lively

Sree's Views said...

yes will defenitely spice things up :)

Ravi said...

hello sree, as usual busy aayteengalaa?? Pudhu post pottu pala naaL aachu - vandhu paarthu boNi panna koodaadhaa??

nitin said...

//I am proud of the fact that we all live in harmony inspite of it.

Such statements are just the way to ignore all the caste politics..caste wars..untouchability..and unheard discrimination and unreported human rights cases & deaths.Such comments come from ppl who still learn history books of 5th grade and memorise that india is grt bcos of its diversity etc & stuff..

The sins committed bcos of this caste System is too much for us to make such remarks as u you are a will be well read and be familiar with the problems with caste...

Still Educated South,North indians dont like to marry off their kids to other caste..and u say we live in harmony...??Harmony which comes with Discrimination based on caste is totally unaccepted.. the social structure is collapsed bcos of this caste something more..digg more will realise how we are taken aback bcos of this one word named CASTE.

Oops i got excited ...but still i mean it... :-)

Jeevan said...

Happy Raksha Bandhan akka :)

Sree's Views said...

thank u Jeevs...and wish u the same :)

Rambodoc said...

New Year variyum ingayae bajanay panna porayaa?
Post podu ma!

Sree's Views said...

Ram....I thgt I'd take a break from srisviews for a couple of months....but adha expressaa poda manasu varali...adhaan vishayam :)
but its sweet of u to ask :)
adhaan unga blog la 'jaalra' podareney ;)

Sowmya said...

why sree...what happened?

sree said...

Hey Nitin :)
sorry I have'nt replied to ur comment for so long. But I am happy I am interacting with u otherwise.
I hate the caste system , Nitin.
The message was just to say , inspite of the caste system, we guys are united.
But is it not the truth ? I dont care which caste who belongs.
thanks , Nitin :)

sree said...


Hey Ravi...
Neenga enga poiteenga..atleast anga inga comment pottu interact pannikittu irungappa :)

take care :)

enagar la unga commentukku answer panni irukken as a post..paakaleengala?

sree said...

Hey Jeevs...ennapaa ungalukku email anupinen..enna en mails vara maatengudhaa?

sree said...

Sowms...onnum illapaa...I am posting an occational post in
Appuram exam juram vera vandhudhichi :(
adhaan vishayam vera onnum illa !

nitin said...

Hi sree... thanks for replying even if late..

Lets forget that...and why are u keeping off from blogs? Exam fever?

or any other problem?

Take care..