Sunday, 4 November 2007

Deepavali - Diwali - Suggestions - Voracious Blog Reader

* Give some crackers/fireworks etc., to the poor kid standing nearby too. He would be overjoyed. Better still ask him to burst it in front of your eyes.

The joy of donating should be felt.

* Please do not create much work for the Watchman/sweepers etc., Collect the Flower pots, sparklers etc., yourself and dispose it in the bin. Your surroundings look clean too.

* Be considerate. Old people/new born babies etc., also live in the neighbourhood. Avoid hydrogen bombs/atom bombs.

* If you are the person who gets enormous amount of sweetboxes, do not munch them all by yourself. Donate them to the needy people around. Let them celebrate too.
[Info: The silver layer spread on sweets are made by beating tiny bits of silver with a hammer. The tiny bits are placed inbetween layers of fresh sheep's underskin.]

Voracious Blog Reader


Ankur said...

better still have nothing to do with crackers... its bad for the environment ... creates air and sound pollution.. encourages child labor... and as u said creates garbage.

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Ankur,

If at all people decide to celebrate by bursting crackers, then the suggestions hold good.

Yes, enormous amount of garbage.

Voracious Blog Reader

tulipspeaks said...

ah.. firecrackers are already banned in malaysia!!

but yes, i take all your points seriously.

deepavali wishes in advance.


nitin said...

Very true...

Nice suggestions..hope everyone thinks like that..

Akanathan said...

Good sugegstions.
People should also donate crackers to the needy kids apart from donating clothes and sweets. Bursting crackers is a great dream for poor and needy people and that give a lot of pleasure to them.

Jeevan said...

Really good suggestion VBR esp. donating! I hate over sound bombs, I wish on watching fireworks on sky. Happy Deepavali buddy! Enjoy well :)

Sandhya said...

I think we shd say absolute NO to crackers. better to give this money to a needy one.

n this idea is great that we shd distribute sweets to the needy people.

Happy Diwali.

Curious said...

Yea do all that and remeber to DHL some of those donation to Curious in Dxb who is gonna miss out on all the deepavali fun! :P

Saari..for the crappy thought...ana correcta sonnenga neega! :)

Anonymous said...

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Praddy said...

hi VBR

good suggestion, will follow them surely :)

Voracious Blog Reader said...

@ Ammu

Hi Ammu. Thanks a lot for the wishes. Wish you the same.

@ Nitin

Hi. Welcome here.

@ Akanathan

Donating crackers is also a good idea. The pleasure of donating is divine.

@ Jeevan

Yes, Jeevan. Noise pollution. Neither can one watch the programmes on T.V.

@ Sandhya

Hi. Welcome to Sree's views.

Donating the money instead of buying crackers is an ideal idea. I second it too.

The idea to donate crackers is for people who are stubborn to burst crackers. I hope these people follow your suggestion. That would be very nice.

@ Curious

haw haw haw. Yen? adhukku 2 kannu vechi, ratham vara maadri design panni, photo yeduthu yenna bayam pada vekkaradhukka? :D


@ Praddy

Hi chelli kutti Praddy. hee hee. Flicked that name from Curious' blogroll.

Welcome here.

Thanks for taking my thoughts seriously.

Voracious Blog Reader

Voracious Blog Reader

Oemar said...

Diwali Wishes in Advance....
another point - Adult supervision in case of children lighting up firecrackers....
Have Happy & Safe Diwali

Adiya said...

Wish you avery happy deepavali

CW said...

I agree. Being responsible & considerate should form a part of any celebration.

Aarthi said...

I think I did all what you have said..but being honest I read your blog only after doing all tht..and I heard the silvery thing on sweets were pressed between slices of beef..anyway..its yukkiee..

usws said...

I'm late.. Diwali's already over. Or is it? Well, the official celebration day is over, that's for sure.

Haha, are you suppose to encourage contraband items? Especially donating them? I think cash donations would do them more good.

I don't get the silver part. Why place them in between sheep's underskin? Why place them on sweets as well?


p.s. I wanna a hydrogen bomb. XD

Nanyaar? said...

Hey great ideas, here I vote on everything except on one.

Fire crackers, dont get me wrong I love them. But you were talking about donating, giving others. but do we want to give the next generation, a polluted diwalli? a degenerating world?

I think we that one aspect we can be more considerate. And maybe even stop fire crackers.


Nanyaar? said...

oh, I just noticed that others had the same veiws. :)

Curious said...


FYI- MIA: Missing in action?