Wednesday, 18 April 2007

A thing of Beauty is a Joy forever !

Bala has tagged me to do a post on six things I find beautiful.
And here is the invitation..

"...நான் அழகு சொல்ல அழைக்கும் மூன்று அழகான நண்பர்கள்,
1. அனைவரையும் சிரிக்க சிந்திக்க வைக்கும் Sree..... "

Thanks for the nice way you have put it ,Bala.
(Now you all know why I have copied it here :P )

I understand beauty as something that brings a surge of happiness the minute our brain registers an image.

The indisputable list would be our Mothers ,babies ,our mother-tongue , rivers ,falls , hills , hill stations ,dew-drops ,half-saree clad girls ,handsome men ,an object d'art, flowers ,green fields ,birds ,butterflies ,bees ,teddy bears , an aritists hands at work , our 'Singaara Chennai' and the list would go on...afterall beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder.

I was thinking about subtle beauty..something that brings a flutter of elation....that which is not tangible..but leaves a lasting impression.

1. A Sashtiaptha poorthi couple.

I make it a point never to miss a 60th wedding celebrations of elderly couples.
Its sometimes mistaken as the 6oth wedding anniversary..but infact its another wedding ceremony celebrated when the husband turns 60 and he marries his wife all over again.
The very happiness , pride and contentment seen on the faces of the 'to be married couple' cannot be described in words.
The function is celebrated by the offsprings of the couple and its picture perfect with all the grandchildren hovering around them.
This is the celebration of two strangers who were brought together by chance ..lived together..shared good and bad times...raised kids ,fought with each other
..patched-up ...adjusted , sacrificed and finally arrived in life.

2. My friend 'K' at work.

K is a childhood friend and we were in the same class at school . She is an architect working for a reputed building firm now.
A brief intro abt her..she belongs to a traditional tamil family with a political background (they are always traditionally dressed) and was brought up in a complete tamil culture environment. Her attire is the unmistakable saree with her hair braided into a long plait with jasmine flowers and lovely 'jimkis' dangling in her ears.
When she goes to the sites on work....I join her too so that we can chat uninteruptedly during the long drives .
Once in the site , she climbs those make-shift steps not giving a tght to its safety while at the same time rattling off orders to the masons , giving instructions to the supervisors and then , would spread the plan on some crude platform and in a matter of fact tamil tone would reel off a lists of tasks for the workers there. The way she handles the carpenters ( who can give u a run for ur money) is admirable.
I usually wait in the ground floor ( am petrified of unprotected heights) and look in awe at the way she conducts herself.
I see beauty in the contrast. Her gentle looks and her work that involves not so gentle efforts.

3.Men and children at play.

I like to look at men when they are with kids. We see a completely different side to them..their business face is replaced with a softer , carefree look . And god forbid if its the grandfather of the child. He becomes marshmallows in the hands of the naughty little brats.
And that a real beautiful thing .
And usually these men are in such great mood that u can get ur way during that time :P

4.Brides .

Is there anything more beautiful than a bride ? The soft smile , the shy eyes and happiness written all over her face.
Added to that all the finery she wears and the grace with which she carries herself , is something that should not be missed. She basks in the glory of being the center of attraction and is a real-time heroine on her big day.
And in the tamil traditional weddings , the bride's hairdo is a heavy flower arrangement. The way she turns around , moving her shoulders instead of the neck is a real beauty.
Be it a bride of any religion...I think there is a glow in their face.

5. Regional folk dances.

I love those colorful folk dances danced to catchy tunes. The beauty is that its not a solo , and coordination is very important. And since it is in a large group the dancers throw each other meaningful glances as if they are sharing a secret each other secret smiles . The dance steps are usually repetitive and easy. The costumes are very colorful and accessories are local ones.
They portray a joint celebration and the happiness is passed from one to another and the entire gathering present is exhuberent.( Remember the party scene in 'The runaway bride' that's real fun :P )

6. A chef's face while explaining his work.

While ordering at restaurants , if a chef is called to explain how a dish is prepared...the way he (its always a 'he' ..I see lady chefs in TV shows only ) talks about the dish , abt the ingredients and the process ...punctuating it with heavy so beautiful.
Its is more beautiful when the chef does not speak any English and has to act it out to explain everything.
A look more beautiful than this is the happy one that he gets when u call him back to pay him a compliment appreciating his culinery skills . I have seen this look on many people's faces when appreciated for some work well done.

Hey Bala...can I have a 'Kosuru' ? please ?
I really think the 'Syam and associates' party that has recently come to power where every member has a 'lucrative' portfolio is a great beauty :)
I really admire the deep friendship and easy comedy that this group possess. I feel their interactions bring out the beauty in blogging :)

One thing I noticed is , almost all male bloggers who have done this post , have mentioned "half-saree, lehanga clad girl" . Oh there is nothing to beat that dress ...esp the 'Pattu Paavadais'.

For my part..I want to say that I miss the 'Lungi' clad men of yore.
Except for the older generation , I only see shorts and sweat pants as casual wear these days . Whatever happened to our checkered 'Sangu Mark' lungis ?

These are a few beautiful things that came to my mind . I am sure there are many more like Surya , Vishaal , Saif , Akshay, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise and
Bruce Willis ;-) :))

I look forward to you ppl sharing what you think is beautiful :)


balar said...

Excellent post Sree and thanks for taking it..


Sree's Views said...

Hey Bala..thanks a lot..u always say such good things :)

balar said...

ok..vandhachu for original comment..

azaga pathi neenga eppadi ivvalavu azaga yosichu yarumae sollatha azagukala solli irukkeengae..adhukku oru kudos..

Sashtiaptha poorthi couple, i have seen in movies or pictures only i havent got a chance to attend this function yet..:)

Nice to hear about ur friend "K"..and sure she is lucky to have a friend like you..:)

kathila jimkis,thalayelae poovu apparam kosuvam vaicha selai kattinae oru sooper than pongae..ettu patti raasannu oru songae padilam avvalavu azhaga irukkum andha combinaion..ungae friend adikiradukku munnadi escape..:)

men and children at play is very interesting isnt it..:) appram innonu kooda romba azaga irukkum adhu mens kulathaikalukku diaper change panradhu..:)

Brides are always beauty..but enakku PKsir bridal makeup pathi sonna comment than yabagam varudhu..:))

/*the bride's hairdo is a heavy flower arrangement */ ahaa enna azagu ethanai azagu..adhulaiyum camera man bridei oru mirror pakathilae nikka vaichu andha flower hairoda potta eduthu albumlae poduvangalu adhuvum sooper azagu..:))

i like folk dances...their costumes and dances are wonderful..Virumandilae kooda varuvangalae some folk dances groups romba kalakkalae irundhathu..

chef's face..indha azhaga parthathu illai..aana sila gals parthirukken avangal cook pannathai soopera irukku eppadi panneengannu ketta appadiyae oru vedkathooda explain pannuvaanga parungae soooper..adhu mathirithan chef's face um irukkumnu ninaikiren.:))

/*'Sangu Mark' lungis ?*/ hahahahaha....
enakku lungi kattinae kerala auntys azhagu romba rasikka pidikkum..:))

excellent post sree and you have described very well...agian thanks for taking it..:)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Bala.. kudichittu vandhu comment podaren :P)
Unga kerala lungi kadhaiya ketta udaney...enakku sirpula brainey vela seiyala :) ROTFL
Ungalukku maathram epdee Bala ipdee ellam thonudhu :)))

Sree's Views said...

//adhukku oru kudos..//
Romba nandri Bala...Neenga ellarum sonna azhaghugalum enakku pidikkum..but subtle beauty yosikalaamnu potten.

//only i havent got a chance to attend this function yet..:)//
US la kooda niraiya nadakaradha kelvi patten Bala..namba oorla 'Thirukadaiyur' la poyee thirupiyum 'Maangalyam' kattipaanga :) Ore kudhukalama irukkum :)

//Nice to hear about ur friend "K"..and sure she is lucky to have a friend like you..:)//
hmmm Ungalukku theriju irukku..avangalukku theriyanumey :P

Yeah..she is a very beautiful lady...//ungae friend adikiradukku munnadi escape..:)//
Illa..she is not the kind..will be happy to hear that :)

//mens kulathaikalukku diaper change panradhu..:)//
adhu peru "koothadikaradhu" :P lol

//bridei oru mirror pakathilae nikka vaichu andha flower hairoda potta eduthu albumlae //
Actualla I wanted to put a similar picture..appuram I changed my mind...naan en blog la pic podanumna 'puliyodharai' , 'thayir saadam' ellam ready pannikittu dhaan start pannanum :(

engooo..folk dances la namba 'kushboo' akka adaadha aatama?
sari sari sari sari....moraikaadheenga...kusboo enakkudhaan akka ;-) ROTFL !

//enakku lungi kattinae kerala auntys azhagu romba rasikka pidikkum..:))//
ayyooooo kooda sariya kudika mudiyalai...sirichi sirichi ....hahahah !!

//excellent post sree and you have described very well...agian thanks for taking it..:) //
oh , I shd thank you for
tagging me :)

Btw...kusboo enakku akkanaa...salma ungalukku akka dhaaney...yabbaaa...naan escapuuu!!! ROTFL ;-)

Adiya said...


count me on for the 1st point. its my childhood wish or dream. i have always inspired by my appa, uncle successfully executed his dads 60th marriage. I am so blessed to happy conduct my thathas 80th marriage last year. :)


Sree's Views said...

Hey Adiyaa..
Great !!! I have attended my granparents 6oth wedding celebrations and some yrs ago their Golden wedding anniversary..really we are blessed :)
Thanks Adiya for sharing my sentiments :)

chiroti said...

Nice post.

Certain things that I find beautiful would be:
1. kumkum on the forehead of a married woman.
2. tiny fingers of a new born baby holding tight.
3. silence or pause in a conversation among two people that conveys beautiful emotions untold.
4. listening to carnatic music in a temple, sitting on the stairs.
5. the warmth in the voice of some people when they ask 'how are you'? sometimes brings tears in the eyes, that's beautiful.
6. The cotton garland decorated with kumkum put on Tulsi chadi in my house.
plenty more...:)

Sree's Views said...

Hello Chiroti...
Welcome here..So nice to see u here :)

//1. kumkum on the forehead of a married woman.//
Now why did'nt I think of that ?

//2. tiny fingers of a new born baby holding tight.//
You can actually feel ur heart beat faster when the little one is holding u finger tight :)

//3. silence or pause in a conversation among two people that conveys beautiful emotions untold.//
Ya..true...but I have never been silent in my life..exception being the dentist's place :(

//4. listening to carnatic music in a temple, sitting on the stairs.//
Maan..u have taste !!!

//5. the warmth in the voice of some people when they ask 'how are you'? sometimes brings tears in the eyes, that's beautiful. //
Oh yeah...the language of the eyes speak better than words.

//6. The cotton garland decorated with kumkum put on Tulsi chadi in my house.//
Chiroti...I am reminded of the the 'pavazha malli ' flowers threaded into a string when I see that cotton garland.. :)

Thanks so much , Chiroti..really enjoyed visualising the things you have mentioned :)

kamal anjelo said...

its a very nice thing to appreciate those beautiful moments.sometimes we admire, but dont think of it too much...your post reminded me that sort of things.

In a way there is beauty everywhere,we are just so filled up with ourselves too much...we think beauty is confided in to only few things.nice post!

Sree's Views said...

Hello Kamal...
// sometimes we admire, but dont think of it too much...//
Yeah..we shd keep a close watch on subtle things that bring a deep sense of joy to us :)

Well...I need'nt have to tell r a gifted artist and we have to learn it from u :)

Btw..I wanted to 'suttu'fy your 'warrior' picture and put it as one of the beauties here.
Beware ! I may 'suttu'fy it
some day :)
Thanks , Kamal !

Ravi said...

Unga 5 listings were good - no doubt but I liked the initial listing more. Chinna chinna azhagugala romba azhaga ninavu koorndhirukeenga...

Let me (re-)quote balar here :
"azaga pathi neenga eppadi ivvalavu azaga yosichu yarumae sollatha azagukala solli irukkeengae.." - romba romba unmai!!

Btw, andha Kerala lungi sonna udanae, I was reminded of my good old hostel days. We had a sweet Mallu guy at hostel and he had this typical Kerala lungi and you know what his room mate did when he got a new lungi from home? He took it from his bag and laid it as a table cloth. We still used to refer the Kerala lungis as "table cloth", "bed sheets". ha ha! [Btw, no offences meant for anyone, its just a little leg pulling]

Sree's Views said...

Hello Ravi..
//Unga 5 listings were good - no doubt but I liked the initial listing more//
Oh ya...nijamdhaan..andhala edha paathalum manasukku ore kushi vandhudum :)

//sollatha azagukala solli irukkeengae.." - romba romba unmai!!/
Rommmmbhaa Nandree nga :p
(read it Pepsi Uma style :)) )

Ayyo Ravi...andha kerala lungi kadhaiya aarambikaadheenga lol..kaathala irundhu Bala sonnadha kettu ore sirrippu :P

//He took it from his bag and laid it as a table cloth. We still used to refer the Kerala lungis as "table cloth", "bed sheets". ha ha! //
Appuram enna aachi ? Did it remain a table-cloth forever ?
Mallu friend enna sonnar ?
Enga Ravi...namba ooru lungikkum kerala lungikkum enna vithyaasam ? Keralala vellai ya veshti maari illa kattipaanga?

Bharani said...

Eppadinga....evlo neram room potu yosicheenga...indha azhagu pathi ellam ezhudha....sema different....yet extremely beautiful :)

Bharani said...

//lived together..shared good and bad times...raised kids ,fought with each other
..patched-up ...adjusted , sacrificed and finally arrived in life//....very true...ennoda thata-ku panninapa....avar mugathula irundha santhosam...chacae illa.....

Bharani said...

//Men and children at play//...adhe dhaanga....niraya Ads-la chinna kids-oda irukara aangal sema azhagu :)

Bharani said...

//it a bride of any religion...I think there is a glow in their face//....adhe..adhe...1000 watts bulb :)

Bharani said...

//Whatever happened to our checkered 'Sangu Mark' lungis ?//....ada naanellam innum lungi dhaan :)

Bharani said...

thoroughly enjoyed the post :)

Bharani said...

oru 20 yoda naan escape :)

balar said...


//salma ungalukku akka dhaaney.*//
salmaa ungalakukku ellam akka,
enakku mattum aahaa...:))

vazhimozhinthaRku mikka nanri..ungae kerala roomate lungi story nalla comedy..:))

sowmya said...

hey shree...

I am very happy to meet you through this blogging.Thanks to balar.

Really your blog and the contents impressed me to the core and my respects becomes double after i know your flow of thoughts.

you are so different in your thoughts and this post content is proving the same. I am extreamely happy to see female who have unique talents with boldness. I read your other postings too. You gave a excellent response to the negative comments.

Hmm..ennai ennamo seithu viteergal pongal - :)

Ravi said...

Kerala veshti dhaan veLLa colour-la irukkum. Kerala lungies namma ooru maadhiri kattam elaam pottu irukaadhu. Imagine this : nalla dark pachchai colour or violet colour lungi, adhula mittaai pink colour poo, chedi, kodi, manjal colour la konjam poo, ippadi irukkum. And also, andha lungi veshti madhiri irukkum (ie the ends would not be stitched together) and its a beauty to watch people walk in it with one side lifted up with their hands.

Hostel-la adhukku appuram when our sweet Mallu friend came back, he was shocked to see his lungi being used as a table cloth and promptly removed it (whatelse could he do against his Tamilnadu room mates in Tamilnadu??!!!)

pleasure is mine. Idhu maadhiri innum neraya. My Mallu friend was just picking up Malayalam then. He could not differentiate "mudiyaadhu" and "koodaathu". He would sincerely clean the room and his room mate would come smoking and when he is about to drop the cigarette stub, my friend would say : "Hey S, nee appadi panna mudiyaadhu" (instead of saying "koodadhu"), for which S would reply "Aen mudiyaadhu? inga paar..." and would throw the stub on the floor.

(Oops.... Sree sorry, comment konjam ooooovera pottuteno??)

Anonymous said...

you got a beautiful heart...ur post says it..

Bharani said...

25 please :)

Just Words said...

I agree with you, most of the things you have mentioned seem beautiful to me too , exception being Surya , Vishaal , Saif , Akshay, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise and
Bruce Willis …. my perception of beauty is a little different in this department :-
, my eyes prefer beholding to other beauties like Kate ,Madhuri , Eva Green , Catherine zeta jones ……. So on and so forth :-)

“A Sashtiaptha poorthi couple “ even though I haven’t seen this function as yet
but sill I have to say… if even after living and enduring each other for so long and when they are given a chance (even if its just symbolic ) and they sill wanna get married to each other then they really must have a beautiful relationship going. and as a child or as a grand child to see their parents or grand parent married There wont be too many thing more beautiful than that

And as far as girls in half saris are concerned .. simple , sweet and traditional always wins the race and they sure are beautiful too

Well when I think of beauty , the first thing that strikes me is watching a sunrise in some village , green fields all around with fresh breeze hitting your face is wonderful and beautiful
then there is seeing some one sleep like a baby …. at their innocent best .
But the Icing on the Cake of Beauty I guess is a Smile .. A smile can never be ugly and it make every thing brighter and more beautiful
Good post Sree !!!

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hey Shree,

Nice post.

60th Anniversary.....really an apt one.

nice post paartner.

Voracious Blog Reader

Curious said...

Navarathri kolu vekkare appo thazhaya thazhaya pattu paavadai kaatindu... geetham paadare kutti ponnunga...

Mazhai naale... Paper kappal vidare kutti pasanga...

Krishna Ramaaa nu thookahule polambare ennoda thatha.. :)

Shopping mall le tholanju poitu...amma-ve paatha odane kiddo moonjile vara first sirippu...

Pongal anniku kaalankarthale...en kuda Pootti podundu idupu odayare alavukku road fulla kolam podare paakathu veetu akka...

Nice's my first visit to your blog too.. :)

Sree's Views said...

Hello Bharani...
Modhala ithana comment pottadhukku...karmarkat parisu :P
Room pottu yosikka ellam vasadhi illainga...edho nambalaala mudinjadhu...rooma moodittu padikarennu solli ezhudharadhu :P

//sema different....yet extremely beautiful :) //
Thank you so much.

//avar mugathula irundha santhosam...chacae illa..... //
illa ? Naan kooda romba adha rasippen...enakku beach la elderly couple bench la otkaandhu iruppaanga..adha paaka kooda pidikkum .

// Ads-la chinna kids-oda irukara aangal sema azhagu :) //
My fav is the car ad..where the little boy sits next to his dad while he is driving and slowing lets the cat out of the bag...(he tells his poor maths marks ). And the father takes it easy :)

//....ada naanellam innum lungi dhaan :) //
Appadiyaa? appo en list la 6th vandhu irukeenga :)

//oru 20 yoda naan escape :) //
Adhukuleyum enna ecappuuu..?
oru 50 pottutu ponga :P
Kidding....thank you Bharani :)

Sree's Views said...

hey Bala...
#//salma ungalukku akka dhaaney.*//
salmaa ungalakukku ellam akka,
enakku mattum aahaa...:))#

hahahahhaaaaaaaaaa :)))))
Sariyana aalunga neenga...innum unga kerala lungi key naan sirichittu irukken..adhukkula Salma Madam patheee (askku biskku..enakku en avanga akka..)
Sooper response Bala :)

Sree's Views said...

Hello Sowmya...
Welcome here :)

// I am very happy to meet you through this blogging.Thanks to balar. //
Oh the pleasure is mine :) and I am really grateful to Bala for introducing us :)

//Really your blog and the contents impressed me //
Sowmya...I was going gaa gaa over ur blog...ur language and style..I was simply dumbstruck. Now lets start a mutual admiration society :))

//I am extreamely happy to see female who have unique talents with boldness.//
Thanks Sowmya...but am not sure if deserve it...its very kind of u :)

//Hmm..ennai ennamo seithu viteergal pongal - :) //
Adhaan sonneney..naan unga tamizha paathu the feeling is reciprocated :)
Hey btw...unga 'anbu' post nalla irundhudhu..want to do one on similar lines :)
Keep coming daa :)

Sree's Views said...

Hello Ravi..

//(Oops.... Sree sorry, comment konjam ooooovera pottuteno??) //
Modhala enna idhunnu sollunga :(
Adhaan neenga podara commenta rasikarathuku naanga oru kootamey irukomey..appuram enna...chumma long long commentsaa pottu thallunga :)

Ravi..neenga andha lungi ya describe pannadha kekumpodhye adha nerla paatha maari irukku .

//nalla dark pachchai colour or violet colour lungi, adhula mittaai pink colour poo, chedi, kodi, manjal colour la konjam poo, ippadi irukkum.//
Enga...naan theriyaama kekaren..indha maari irundha tablecloth podaama enna pannuvaanga..naana irundha windows kku curtain thachi pottuduven :)
hey Ravi...namba ooru lungi kooda veshti maaridhaan varum..aana adha thaipaanga. Ivanga adha thaika maataangala ? oh ok .
//and its a beauty to watch people walk in it with one side lifted up with their hands. //

yaa..movies la paatha nyabhagam.but lungi designs kku imp kodukala.

//(whatelse could he do against his Tamilnadu room mates in Tamilnadu??!!!)//

hahahah !! enpaaa...paavam :)))

//"Aen mudiyaadhu? inga paar..." and would throw the stub on the floor. //
Neenga balakku ezhudhunadhu..
ROTFL :) .....ippo kooda sirichikittudhaan irukken :)
Avar moonja imagine panni paathen...epdee irudhu irukkum :P
Thanks ravi...ore sirippa irukku :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Thooyaa..
Thanks so much thooya..
Ur name is sooo beautiful...adhu unga complete nameaa?
Nanri for saying these kinds words.
will see ya in ur blog :)
Have a great day :)

tulipspeaks said...

there is nothing to beat that dress ...esp the 'Pattu Paavadais'.

i'm too old for pavadai thavani..sigghh..

hahahaha.. well, thats a different way of looking into the beauty of this life.

nice post!


Sree's Views said...

hey Bharani....
What a surprise :) thanks soooooo much..25 murai :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey JW...
//my perception of beauty is a little different in this department :-//
oh ok...:))))

//enduring each other for so long and when they are given a chance (even if its just symbolic ) and they sill wanna get married to each other then they really must have a beautiful relationship going//

I have heard these 'young' grooms complaining about their brides during this marriage :P
Its the age old tune of the husband
teasing his wife :)

//and beautiful
then there is seeing some one sleep like a baby …. at their innocent best .//

Now..why did I not think of that ?
Yeah...the face of a sleeping person is always serene and has innocence written all over ..even the cleverest of persons look vulnerable :)

//But the Icing on the Cake of Beauty I guess is a Smile .. A smile can never be ugly and it make every thing brighter and more beautiful //
Yeah....very true..
"a smile is curve that straightens everything "
Thanks JW :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Kootaaleee :P
ennapaa idhu...comment ellam kutti kutti yaa irukku :P
aalu romba busyaaa?
How are u ?
I am so happy to see ur comment :)
Seekiram velaiya mudichittu vaangappa....sari vandhadhukku oru pottalam 'seedai' ungalukku :)

Sree's Views said...

hello Curious
welcome here :)

//Navarathri kolu vekkare appo thazhaya thazhaya pattu paavadai kaatindu... geetham paadare kutti ponnunga...//
Navaraathiriye azhagu..adhula ponnunga paadaradhu azhagukku azhagu...enna sariya choose panneenga :)

//Mazhai naale... Paper kappal vidare kutti pasanga...//
yes...and padhi nanaijee paathi nanaiyaadha avanga dress...ahaaa!

//Krishna Ramaaa nu thookahule polambare ennoda thatha.. :)//
Idhu oru kavidhai :)

//Shopping mall le tholanju poitu...amma-ve paatha odane kiddo moonjile vara first sirippu...//
yaaa..sila samayam thembi thembi azhudhukittey ella pazhiyum amma mela pottutu thikku thikki pesum..adhuvum azhagey :)

//Pongal anniku kaalankarthale...en kuda Pootti podundu idupu odayare alavukku road fulla kolam podare paakathu veetu akka...//
ahaaa...enna arumai...potti illaina adhu margazhi maadha kolamey illa..pakathu veetu akka illaina pottiye illai :) sooper :)

Ya ..thanks curious..I hope u'd be coming more often :)

balar said...


ungal kerelae roommate comedy vaichu oru periya poste potturlam pola irukku..:))
apparam andha innoru roomate, aanpavam pandiyaraajan movies adigam parppaaro..:)) just kidding.
thanks for sharing with us ravi..

Sree's Views said...

Hey are u ?
//i'm too old for pavadai thavani..sigghh.. //
Illaiye..naan unga pic paatheney..hey chumma pottukonga paa :) u have a nice kalaiyana mugam :)

hey ammu...naan oru idea sollaren..if u feel the traditional half-saree is not ok , go for the lehanga cholis..adhu yaar vena pottukalam..see it has skirt with full flair..and then..a nice long blouse with lots of work on it..then u can choose an extra long 'chunni' that can be worn like a dhavaani in gujju style :P epdee ? :) wear dangling earrings..lots of bangles and a simple neck-piece..and u'd look wow !!!
Thanks for ur comment, Ammu :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Bala..vaanga :)
yes...ravi sonnadhu sooperaa irundhichi illa ?
"en mudiyaadhu? mudiyumey "

//ungal kerelae roommate comedy vaichu oru periya poste potturlam pola irukku..:))//

I am looking forward to that post of urs :) adhuvum unga styleaa :)
romba thanks bala.. :)

btw..unga latest post sooper :)
comment potirukken paarunga :)

Thiru said...

Hi Sree,
First time here... am yet to check Balar's post. I was amazed at your choice of six and the way of expression. Its exceptional!
1. A Sashtiaptha poorthi couple.
2. My friend 'K' at work.
3. Men and children at play.
5. Regional folk dances.
6. A chef's face while explaining his work.

I just left brides coz girls are beautiful on very many occasions and being bride is one such occasion of your choice. In my choice, a girl fallen in love looking at her beloved with longing is very special!

Sree's Views said...

Hello Thiru...
Welcome here :)
Very happy to have u here :)

//I was amazed at your choice of six and the way of expression. Its exceptional!//
Thanks a lot.
I am so happy that u like the five that I have mentioned . for brides..
//coz girls are beautiful on very many occasions //
Now , how can I dispute it :)

//In my choice, a girl fallen in love looking at her beloved with longing is very special! //

hmm..I have'nt see that except in movies...but I take ur word for it.
It must be very beautiful..but is it not a private moment between them....whereas as for a bride's look...its a look of open happiness and contentment :)
But u did mention another beauty in feminine expressions :)
See yaa in ur blog :)
Thanks Thiru :)

tulipspeaks said...

hahaha.. adeda... enna ithe. ippadi ellam.



Sree's Views said...

Hey Ammu...
take care pal :)

Jeevan said...

Hi Sree:) you have said new and a different thoughts about Beauty. I am feeling that now about missed to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary for my grandpa. The time and the situation were very bad that time in my family:(

I have heard about the 80th wedding anniversary of my relative... how great is that to celebrate the 80th!! About your friend is simple superb. Will she read your post?

Some of the men's I have seen would always be thinking about their business and with a seriousness in their face, but taking care of children, we don't know where that face goes.

In the Brides what attracts me more is the maruthani hand. Drawing peacock, kolam in dark red and shaking the hand with colorful bangles. wow…
I haven't seen chef's explaining the dish. The rural folk dances are a big support for our traditional; recently in Paruthi veeran we could see some of them.

Sree's Views said...

Hey Jeevs...
I left one in this list...

"ur sweet nature :)"

I loved the post u did about Thooya's blog :)

Jeevs...u like that 'marudhaani' decorated hands ?
Well if it comes in the right color it looks nice..if it is too dark and the color is uneven it puts me off.
As u said..the designs are very beautiful , Jeevs.
There was a Marwadi girl in my class in college and would bring a mehendi cone everyday and each of us took turns getting our palms done :) That was one great time :)

//I am feeling that now about missed to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary for my grandpa//
Dont worry Jeevs....unga appakku panni jamaaichidunga :)

//Will she read your post?//
I doubt it, Jeevs...sonna kooda paaka romba time aagum.

Next time u go to a restaurant...just call the chef and tell him the dish he prepared was very nice. Just look at his face :)

Thanks Jeevs :)

Syam said...

ada ada ada kalaikiteenga....naan thaan half century adikanumnu irukku :-)

Syam said...

//Regional folk dances//

I luv them...ippo kooda paruthi veeran movie la vara songs and dance all time repeat :-)

Syam said...

ithu 50 :-)

Syam said...

//A chef's face while explaining his work//

nambil chef's face ellaam parkaraan illa...andha saapdu eppo namba kaiku varumnu paarthitu irupaan :-)

priya said...

Who will miss watching folk dances girl?? It comes from their heart...

Sree's Views said...

Hello Nataama..
Vaanga vaanga..
enna TGI Friday vaaa :)
Yes..unga kaiyala 50 edutha adhu 100 ra thottudum :)
//I luv them...ippo kooda paruthi veeran movie la vara songs and dance all time repeat :-) //
yaa..CD ingadhaan irukku aana innum paakala , thala :(
Namba ooru folk dances are very cute..ovoru statekkum oru dance irukkum :)


rendu quarter pottiteenga pola... nandreee..
ada..enangappa..naan 50 comments pottadha sonnen..neenga vera :P :)))

//nambil chef's face ellaam parkaraan illa...andha saapdu eppo namba kaiku varumnu paarthitu irupaan :-) //
Adhaaney paathen..namba naatamaikku idhukku ellam enga time irkkapogudhu...enneramum..avar theerpu sollaradhulaye irupaarennu :P

Nandree Naatama....
Sani & Nyayiru...enjoy pannidunga.. :)

Sree's Views said...

hey Priya..
Welcome here :)
ya...folk dances are a treat to the eyes and ears...
I like the local accessories they wear and the general sense of exhilaration :)

Thanks Priya :)

balar said...

ada ada..naan innoru 50 adikkalamnu ninaichen...adhukkulla namma nattamai kalakkala adichittu poitarae...:))

Sree's Views said...

hmmmm Bala..
vaanga vaanga..neenga pona dhadava 50 potta rasi..indha murai kooda 50 vandhudichi :)
appuram unga blog pakkam vandhirundhen :P
enna friday coming to a closeaa ?
inga mani 12:56 raathiri :P
naan innum net meinjing :P

Anonymous said...

//These are a few beautiful things that came to my mind . I am sure there are many more like Surya , Vishaal , Saif , Akshay, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise and
Bruce Willis ;-) :))//

I thought I am the only person who think of them.silly me!eppadi ennai mathiriye think pannuringa?
your post rocks!

Sree's Views said...

Hey Thurgah..
Vaanga vaanga :)

//I thought I am the only person who think of them.silly me!eppadi ennai mathiriye think pannuringa?
your post rocks! //

hmm adhu epdee ninaipeenga :P lol
Inga oru kootamey alaiyudhey :P
Namba heros dhaan first..
Appuram Richard Gere :P
Pretty woman kannu munnadiyey
nikkudhu :P
hahahaha lol
//your post rocks! //
Romba nandree Thurgah :)

balar said...

/*I am sure there are many more like Surya , Vishaal , Saif , Akshay, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise and
Bruce Willis ;-) :))//*/
Naan appavae ketkanumnu ninaichen..
yen Andre Agassi mattum listlae vituteengae??:))

Sree's Views said...

// Naan appavae ketkanumnu ninaichen..
yen Andre Agassi mattum listlae
vituteengae??:)) //

Ennamo theriyala Bala...enakku
Steffi Graf na oru soft corner ;-)
Adhukaaga avar azhagu illainu aagaadhu :P

hmm enakku Federer kooda pidikkum :P
Aana avangala ellam Richard Gere a
'Pretty Woman' la avar character maari paakala illaiyaa ..adhaaaaan :P

Thanks Bala :)

Aboorva said...

u always says such good things :) I missed a friend like “K” and missed to attend the 60th wedding anniversary for my grandpa.
A bride is a woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her.”
I like folk dances...their costumes and dances are wonderful, (Avatharam film by Nasser). Chef explaining dishes is superb (Nagesh in film Ethir Neechal”)

Sree's Views said...

Hello Aboorva..
Vaanga Vaanga :)
How is the week end going ?

//u always says such good things :)//
That makes two of us :)

//Chef explaining dishes is superb
(Nagesh in film Ethir Neechal”)//
oh I like Nagesh soooo much !
I like him the best in 'kaadhalikka Neramillai'.
and innoru padam ennanga ?
ethir 'maadhu' is'nt it?
is he a chef in that?
I am not sure...I only remember
he lives under the stair case and
Muthuraman comes as a mallu guy .
that's a wonderful movie :)

Thanks Aboorva...will see u in ur blog :)
Have a great day :)

Aboorva said...

Due to some work i'm unable to update the blog
"Chef explaining dishes is superb"
The film name is sarvar sundaram ur memory is fine. good bye take care

Sree's Views said...

Hey Aboorva...
Thanks for taking the time
to explain it.
Oh looking forward to you
resuming ur blogging :)
U too..take care
and see yaaa :)

saravansivan said...

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